Need some new ideas to boost your employees’ wellbeing? 💪✨

Look no further! A brand new year means it’s time to inspire your team to prioritise their health and wellbeing, now more than ever before…

Our LIVE Q1 Wellbeing Planner awaits below – where we’ve shared awareness days, health tips blogs and useful webpages for you, that you or your workplace to engage with to encourage your team to use their Paycare Plan or Bundle Package. Updated monthly, simply scroll down to an awareness day, and log into your MyPeople area to find posters, guides, tips and more to help promote employee wellbeing 🙌

If you’re new here, and not currently a Paycare customer or a business who provides their team with a Paycare scheme, bookmark this webpage for more ways to engage your teams in health and wellbeing, or check out our Workplace Wellbeing Blog for more tips. For more information on how you can create a strategy to prioritise health and wellbeing in your workplace, you can download our free Workplace Wellbeing Brochure 📖




🍺 Dry JanuaryAll month
Dry January is the UK’s one-month alcohol-free challenge. It isn’t about giving anything up. It’s about getting something back. Get your fun back. Get your energy back. Get your calm back.

How can Paycare support you?
Our Confidential Telephone Counselling Service allows you to get advice on a wide range of topics via telephone including everything from dealing with depression, stress and anxiety, to alcohol and drug abuse, family or relationship issues and even legal or tax advice.


😢 Blue Monday17th January
Blue Monday is often considered to be the most depressing day of the year. Introduced in 2004, the campaign behind the awareness day claim that the combination of bad weather, post-Christmas debt and failed New Year’s resolutions all contribute to Blue Monday being the most depressing day of the year.

How can Paycare support you?
Check out our useful health tips blogs: 4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety, 6 Ways to Workout the January Blues4 Ways to Feel Better and Turn a Blue Day into a New Day and How can Paycare help me if I’m stressed?

We understand that from time to time you might need a little extra support, don’t forget that our Confidential Telephone Counselling Service allows Policyholders to speak to a qualified counsellor via telephone when you need it the most.





🌈 LGBT+ History MonthAll month
The overall aim of LGBT+ History month is to promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public, amongst the community and to celebrate and support it in the workplace.


🤒 National Sickie Day7th February
National Sickie Day was first coined in 2011 by a British law firm ELAS after they published research showing that the first Monday in February is the most likely day for workers in the U.K. to call in sick. Post-holiday blues, links between gloomy weather and anxiety/depression, financial worry and absenteeism – due to workload worry, colleague tension, personal life distractions, mental health problems or not fulfilled with employment, can all contribute towards employees calling in sick.

How can Paycare support you?
Poor mental health is now the #1 cause of staff absence, so it’s important to know how to spot the signs so you can support your employees. Mental Health stigma can lead many people to use other, more ‘legitimate’ illnesses as reason to stay home, so their employer believes them. We offer a variety of Mental Health Training Courses to give your team the skills and knowledge to confidently open the discussion of mental health.

Check out our health tips blogs for ways you can support your team and engage them with their Paycare Plans: National Sickie Day. You can also learn more about the effects of Absenteeism and how you can help prevent it in your workplace here: Workplace Wellbeing Brochure. For those struggling, our MyPocketGP and Confidential Telephone Counselling Service (included in all Health Cash Plans), are both available 24/7 allowing you or your team to easily speak to a confidential counsellor via telephone or gain access to GP services anytime.


💘 Valentines Day14th February
Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. It originated as a Christian feast day honouring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine and, through later folk traditions, has become a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.


🥰 Random Acts of Kindness17th February
Random Acts of Kindness is a week dedicated to kindness and taking that extra, conscious step to brighten somebody’s day. A Random Act of Kindness could be surprising a colleague with coffee and a bagel, complimenting somebody on a job well done or placing a funny note in your child’s lunch box. There are so many ways that you can join in, spread some kindness and positivity and possible make someone’s day.

How can Paycare support you?
With the UK celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day, we are supporting employers to find new ways to show their teams they care. Take a read of our useful blogs: Kindness the Key to a Happy, Healthy Workforce and Kindness is a Chemical – How helping others helps our wellbeing. We also share lots of low cost, high value ways you can show random acts of kindness to your team, in our Workplace Wellbeing Brochure – free to download!





🛏️ National Bed MonthAll month
Throughout March it’s National Bed Month, time for a lie in before learning about the importance of a good night’s sleep! Organised by The Sleep Council, the month aims to remind us all of why a sound sleep is good for our health.

How can Paycare support you?
Sleep is essential for a long, healthy life, and it can help with anything from mental wellbeing and weight management, to immunity to illnesses, increased fertility and much more. Take a read of Our Guide to a Restful Night’s Sleep, Sleeping well during uncertainty and Are you getting enough Zzz Blog! If you’re a Policyholder and struggling with sleep, remember you can use your MyPocketGP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to talk to a medical professional about any health concerns you may have.


🦻 World Hearing Day3rd March
The World Hearing Day 2022 with the theme “To hear for life, listen with care” will focus on the importance and means of hearing loss prevention through safe listening.

How can Paycare support you?
Our Gold health cash plan is designed specifically to help keep you happy, healthy and supported during your golden years and we will pay you 100% of the total cost that you have paid for a hearing aid for yourself up to the appropriate maximum entitlement available in the Benefit Year for your chosen Premium level!


🤝 Employee Appreciation Day4th March
National Employee Appreciation Day reminds managers that strong employer-employee relations are at the core of any truly successful business. Reward and thank employees for their ongoing hard work and efforts, strengthen the bond between employer and employee, and highlight trust, loyalty, motivation, and morale.

How can Paycare support you?
At Paycare, we like to show our team how much they mean to us, not just on this today, but every day – after all, they really are at the heart of everything we do! Take a look at our Workplace Wellbeing Blogs for some of the best ways you can show your team you appreciate them:  Employee Appreciation Day… Today and Every Day! and 13 Reasons Why your staff will love you 😊

For those of you with a Company/Voluntary Health Cash Plan, remind your team about the healthcare treatments they can claim back money on, along with the 3 Wellbeing Services they have access too to support their health and wellbeing. If you’re not a Paycare Corporate Customer at the moment, why not show your team you care and appreciate them by giving them a Company Paid Plan or become a Mental Health First Aider? Feeling appreciated/recognised at work can have huge positive impact on employees productivity and mental health, reducing absenteeism and presenteeism. Our amazing Bundle Wellbeing Package is also a simple and cost effective way to look after your employees from head to toe.


👩‍💼 International Women’s Day8th March
International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.


👩‍👦 Mother’s Day14th March
Mother’s Day is a celebration honouring the mother of the family or individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.


🦷 World Oral Health Day20th March
World Oral Health Day inspires people to value and take care of their oral health and to make the right decisions to protect it.

How can Paycare support you?
We regularly share lots of health and wellbeing tips in our blog, these are some of our favourite: Top Mouth Care Tips and 10 Tooth Brushing Mistakes to Avoid.
Included in all of our Health Cash Plans, our Dental Cover includes regular check-ups, dental crowns, fillings, x-rays, orthodontist treatment and much more. Routine check-ups help maintain oral hygiene and our cover means you no longer need to worry about the costs of dental emergencies.


😄 International Day of Happiness20th March

International Day of Happiness aims to celebrate happiness all over the world, inspiring people to spread positivity, whether big or small, with others and encouraging each nation to prioritise the happiness of its citizens.

How can Paycare support you?
Did you know, poor mental health is now the #1 cause of staff absence? Giving your team the skills and knowledge to confidently open the discussion of mental health can help lead to a happier, healthier workplace. Check out Paycare Wellbeing’s Mental Health First Aid Training. If you’re not feeling ‘happy’, feeling yourself, or would like to talk to someone, as a Paycare Policyholder, you have 24/7 access to our Confidential Telephone Counselling Service, which allows you to get advice on a wide range of topics and have someone to talk to.


💳 Debt Awareness Week22nd – 28th March

Debt Awareness Week is a chance to share the message that nobody needs to deal with debts on their own and free and impartial advice is available.

How can Paycare support you?
Designed to help you look after your financial health (or if you’re a business – your employees), Paycare Perks is a fantastic discount scheme that offers savings on hundreds of high street, leisure, and health and fitness products and services – there really is something for everyone! Check out our Paycare Perks Savings Calculator, or read one of our health tips blogs: 4 Ways Paycare Perks can make you Financially Fit and Are you using your Paycare Perks?
If you, or your team, are struggling with financial issues and would like further support, do make use of our Confidential Telephone Counselling Service, where you can speak to someone day or night via telephone.