Taking a proactive approach to managing your health is something we are passionate about here at Paycare, that’s why we encourage everyone to get regular check ups and consult a professional over any concerns they may have.

And what better time than National Smile Month to concentrate on the health of your teeth and gums?

The month (which runs from May 17th to June 17th) is designed to raise awareness of important issues, and reach out to communities where there are a disproportionate amount of people suffering from oral health conditions.


🦷 Dentist visits:

With the healthcare sector being heavily disrupted during the pandemic, it’s great to see dentists now being able to offer routine services alongside emergency treatment. It’s more important than ever for us all to have our teeth checked, especially if you’ve had to wait longer than usual in between appointments.

Did you know, having a Paycare Health Cash Plan means you can claim back money spent on routine AND emergency treatments (up to a certain value each year)?


👩‍⚕️ Ask an expert:

While dentists are the go-to experts for your teeth, it might be that you’re having symptoms relating to your gums or tongue (a persistently dry mouth or white spots on your tongue, for example). That’s where a GP app service can come in really handy, as they will be able to find out about your symptoms (and take a look if you’ve booked in a video appointment) and, if necessary, they can refer you to a specialist.

Did you know, our MyPocketGP service enables you to book round-the-clock appointment with a practising NHS GP, at a time to suit yourself?


📋 Keep your health in check:

What we eat and drink impacts our overall health, and many of us will keep an eye on our diets for that reason – but sometimes we’re not as conscious of the impact of our diet on our teeth. Essentially, the more sugar and acid in the things you eat and drink, the more likely your teeth are to be affected.

Did you know, our Online Health Assessments can highlight any lifestyle factors of concern, and support you to make healthier choices?


📞 A problem shared:

While the focus of National Smile Month is on mouth health, at Paycare we think holistically about how to improve people’s health AND happiness. That’s why we’re taking the opportunity to remind anyone who needs it to access their Employee Assistance Programme – it is ‘smile’ month after all, and there are all sorts of emotional and financial worries which could cause us to feel unhappy.

Did you know, confidential telephone counselling is available through MyHelpline – no matter what the issue is, from workplace stress to relationship break-ups to money problems?


Do take advantage of everything Paycare has to offer when it comes to supporting your health –  including mouth hygiene and dental care – and hopefully you will be sharing a huge smile at by the end of the month! 😁🧡🙌