What is a Health Cash Plan?

A simple and effective way to claim back money you spend on everyday healthcare treatments.

Protect yourself from the costs of everyday healthcare

What makes a cash plan so beneficial is that, whilst an insurance policy pays out only in an emergency, a cash plan will pay you back for most of the everyday healthcare treatments you receive!

A wide range of cover for everyday healthcare expenses

Whether you’re in need of a routine dental or optical check-up, or one or more of a range of professional therapies such as chiropractic, osteopathy or physiotherapy, exploratory health screenings, or even specialist consultations – we’ll give you your money back.

One small monthly fee, many great benefits

From as little as just a few pounds a month, you can reap the benefits of receiving hundreds of pounds of healthcare treatments – providing you with the ultimate assurance and peace of mind that your health and wellbeing needs are being met, each and every day.

Up to 100% claim back

Annual benefit allowance

No medical required

Easy to set up

And we’ve got a plan to suit everyone

We offer a wide range of health cash plans, including plans for individuals as well as company schemes and specialist plans for families and people over 64.
Plans for individuals
Affordable health plans for you and your family
Reclaim the money you spend on healthcare costs such as dental, optical, chiropody and professional therapy; we even support you with personal, legal and tax matters.
Easy to join with no complicated medical forms.
Corporate plans
A perfect employee benefit which helps your employees pay for everyday medical expenses.
Promote good health and wellbeing, raise staff morale and productivity; whilst reducing absenteeism.
Our dedicated support team will help you get the most out of this valuable employee benefit package.

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