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Accessibility policy

1st September 2017

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 was introduced with the intention of tackling the discrimination which many disabled people face. Changes to the DDA that came into effect in 1999 and 2004 have now created a legal duty for websites to be made accessible. Web accessibility is about producing sites for everyone, regardless of age, experience, disability or available technology.

Paycare has designed this website to be accessible for people who:

  • May not be able to see, hear, move, or may not be able to process some types of information easily;
  • Have difficulty reading or comprehending text;
  • May not have or be able to use a keyboard or mouse;
  • Have a text-only screen, a small screen, or a slow Internet connection;
  • May have an early version of a browser, a different browser entirely, a voice browser, or a different operating system.

We aim to make our website accessible to all visitors. However, if you do experience any difficulties viewing or opening pages, please let us know by using the contact form on the Contact Us page.