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Paycare Wellbeing

We’re firm believers that prevention is far better than cure. Our wellbeing services give you tools to help proactively support your employees mental, physical and even financial health.

Wellbeing package

Designed to look after your employees from head to toe! Bundle includes MyPocketGP, a virtual GP service, MyHelpling, a confidential counselling service, and Paycare Perks, a retail discount platform.

Wellbeing training

We firmly believe that caring for your employee’s Mental Health and Wellbeing is just as important as caring for their physical health. Thats why we offer training courses to support wellbeing in the workplace.

Latest Wellbeing articles

Our blog is full of hints and tips to help support wellbeing in your workplace.

Achieving a Work/Life Balance

It’s National Work Life Week this week (October 12th to 16th) – and this year it’s more important than ever, with working from home becoming the norm for millions across the UK.

Let’s take a read and find out how you can achieve the work/life balance that works for you – all thanks to our Wellbeing Manager, Kerry Mitchell… 🙌

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Back Pain – How you can support your employees

Back pain might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to your workplace wellbeing strategy – but when you consider the impact it could have on your staff, and your business as a whole, knowing how to prevent and support those suffering with it could make a huge difference.

Let’s take a read to find out how you can support your employees when it comes to back pain… 🙌

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World Mental Health Day highlights need for Employer Training

Each year on October 10th, there is a concentrated effort to highlight mental health across the globe 🌍

Only around a tenth of the UK health and social budget is targeted towards mental health, and there are sadly still many people struggling to access services they desperately need…

In support of World Mental Health Day, let’s hear what our Wellbeing Manager and Mental Health Trainer, Kerry B Mitchell, explained… 🥰

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Kindness and Mental Health: Our upcoming free e-clinic…

This year has been a tough one, particularly for people living with mental illness and their carers. Research suggests that nearly 80% of people living with mental illness say that Covid-19 and associated lockdown has made their mental health worse.

For more information about Paycare Wellbeing’s next free upcoming e-clininc, take a read 😊

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Migraines: Everything you need to know!

Did you know that over six million individuals are estimated to suffer from migraines in the UK, and it’s a condition that seriously impacts lives on a daily basis?

So, what can be done to support those suffering from this condition and help create a migraine-friendly workplace and positive home space? 💻

Lets take a read…🙂

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