Paycare Wellbeing

We’re firm believers that prevention is far better than cure. Our wellbeing services give you tools to help proactively support your employees’ mental, physical and even financial health.

Wellbeing package

Designed to look after your employees, from head to toe! Bundle includes MyPocketGP, a virtual GP service, MyHelpline, a confidential counselling service, and Paycare Perks, a retail discount platform.

Wellbeing training

We firmly believe that caring for your employees’ Mental Health and Wellbeing is just as important as caring for their physical health. That’s why we offer training courses to support wellbeing in the workplace.

Latest Wellbeing articles

Our blog is full of hints and tips to help support wellbeing in your workplace.

Paycare Testimonial – Shorts

“The process of claiming is so simple – it’s so easy to upload your receipts and make a claim, then you receive confirmation and the money goes back into your account very quickly.”

Check out our latest testimonial – shared by Shorts. ✍️

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Paycare Testimonial – Black Country Chamber of Commerce

“These benefits are seen very positively here at the Chamber and for both us as a business, and for our employees as individuals, the range of health benefits has been incredibly well received.”

Check out our latest testimonial – shared by Black Country Chamber of Commerce. ✍️

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World Suicide Prevention Day interview with WCR FM

On World Suicide Prevention Day (Friday 10th), Chris Allen from WCR FM radio centred his show around this incredibly-important issue, inviting on a number of expert guests including our very own Wellbeing Manager Kerry B Mitchell. 🧠

Take a read… 🙂

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Paycare Testimonial – Willoughby Book Club

“Some of our team members are very excited about accessing the more holistic wellbeing services, while others think avoiding lengthy waiting lists to see a doctor (by using the MyPocket GP service) will be a real plus going forward.”

Check out our latest testimonial – shared by Willoughby Book Club. ✍️

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Check out our health cash plans

A simple way to claim back money on everyday healthcare costs