Paycare Wellbeing

We’re firm believers that prevention is far better than cure. Our wellbeing services give you tools to help proactively support your employees’ mental, physical and even financial health.

Wellbeing package

Designed to look after your employees, from head to toe! Bundle includes MyPocketGP, a virtual GP service, MyHelpline, a confidential counselling service, and Paycare Perks, a retail discount platform.

Wellbeing training

We firmly believe that caring for your employees’ Mental Health and Wellbeing is just as important as caring for their physical health. That’s why we offer training courses to support wellbeing in the workplace.

Latest Wellbeing articles

Our blog is full of hints and tips to help support wellbeing in your workplace.

Paycare Wellbeing Planner 2022

Need some new ideas to boost your employees’ wellbeing? 💪✨

Look no further! A brand new year means it’s time to inspire your team to prioritise their health and wellbeing, now more than ever before…

Our LIVE Q1 Wellbeing Planner 2022 awaits! 🤩

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Paycare Testimonial – Midwest Mechanical and Electrical Services

“We are aware of long waiting times and rising everyday costs, so we thought this was a great way for our employees to claim cash back on things they don’t really want to pay out for like dental and optical care.”

Check out our latest testimonial – shared by Midwest Mechanical and Electrical Services. ✍️

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Thanks for your 2021 feel-good feedback

Throughout 2021, we’ve been incredibly lucky to receive so much good feedback and written testimonials from our amazing Corporate Customers. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed supporting our existing members and an influx of new companies who want to look after their employees, and we’re thrilled to know our support and service is recognised by some of those who mean so much to us.

Check out some of the lovely things they had to say about us… 🧡

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Recognising the Menopause in the Workplace

The Menopause has traditionally been a topic avoided in the workplace, but our Wellbeing Manager Kerry B Mitchell is calling on more employers to focus on what they can do to accommodate those feeling the impact: 👩🧡

Paycare Wellbeing recently hosted an e-clinic focused around menopause in the workplace and was joined by expert speakers. Take a read…

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Paycare Testimonial – TinCan Comms

“Everyone at TinCan has been really pleased with Paycare so far, they’ve remarked how easy and quick the claims process is.”

Check out our latest testimonial – shared by TinCan Comms. ✍️

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Paycare Testimonial – Shorts

“The process of claiming is so simple – it’s so easy to upload your receipts and make a claim, then you receive confirmation and the money goes back into your account very quickly.”

Check out our latest testimonial – shared by Shorts. ✍️

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Check out our health cash plans

A simple way to claim back money on everyday healthcare costs