Paycare Wellbeing

We’re firm believers that prevention is far better than cure. Our wellbeing services give you tools to help proactively support your employees’ mental, physical and even financial health.

Wellbeing package

Designed to look after your employees, from head to toe! Bundle includes MyPocketGP, a virtual GP service, MyHelpline, a confidential counselling service, and Paycare Perks, a retail discount platform.

Wellbeing training

We firmly believe that caring for your employees’ Mental Health and Wellbeing is just as important as caring for their physical health. That’s why we offer training courses to support wellbeing in the workplace.

Latest Wellbeing articles

Our blog is full of hints and tips to help support wellbeing in your workplace.

A short guide: Understanding Menopause

What is the menopause? What are common symptoms? What can employers do to support women? And can the menopause be treated? In our short guide, we share handy tips for individuals going through the menopause, and also for businesses looking to become more menopause-aware in the workplace 😊

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Your Questions Answered: What is a Health Cash Plan?

The main aim of a Health Cash Plan is to keep you as healthy and happy as possible by ensuring it’s easier and more cost-effective to access timely and expert care from a professional. In our latest blog, we have answered some of your questions! Take a read 😊

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8 ways to show appreciation to your employees

Attracting and retaining the best employees is an integral part of ensuring continued business success… and thankfully, there are plenty of ways employers can show their appreciation for their workforce which are low in cost but high in value! Take a read πŸ™ŒπŸ§‘

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Paycare’s 2024 Wellbeing Calendar!

Another year = another opportunity to prioritise health and wellbeing! πŸ’ͺβœ¨πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

With an abundance of National Awareness Days taking place throughout the year – our 2024 Wellbeing Calendar provides the perfect start point for any individuals looking to stay on track with personal health and wellbeing,, AND for businesses who are looking for ways to create a healthier, more productive workforce. We’re here to help keep you, or your teams, in tip top shape πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ§‘

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Kaleidoscope & Paycare: helping men access health support

Men’s health – in particular wellbeing – has been a source of concern for many years. While the medical cause of depression and other conditions may be exactly the same as for women, we know there are two significant differing factors: symptoms they experience much more commonly, and sometimes a reluctance to access support.

In this joint blog with Kaleidoscope Plus Group, we share ways men can access health support 😊

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Supporting people with Dementia in the workplace

Dementia is a disease which will more than likely impact over 1million people by the end of the 2020s and it’s sadly having more of an effect than ever in workplaces across the UK. In this Workplace Wellbeing blog, we share why it’s important for employers to understand how they can support their team members who are affected by the disease – both those who are diagnosed or those who currently care for loved ones – read more 😊

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