It can be difficult to know where to turn if you’re feeling stressed, overworked or worried. Wellbeing is something we all need to take care of, to ensure we’re as happy and healthy as we can be – that’s why at Paycare we like to make sure everyone can find the support they need. As part of this endeavour, our Policyholders and Bundle Members have access to a specially suggested range of support, there for them as and when they’re in need.


EAP Helpline


Having an Employee Assistance Programme or Confidential Counselling Helpline Service is like having a friend on call to talk to you round the clock – except it’s more than that…it’s a totally confidential service, they’re trained professionals, and they can even refer you for counselling if they think it’s necessary (up to six sessions are included). It doesn’t matter what the problem is: whether it’s workplace stress, a relationship breakdown, money worries, or anything else on your mind. Your EAP is here for you any time you need.




How handy would it be to have your own team of GPs in your pocket (night and day), when you need to talk to them? With waiting times creeping up, and huge strain on the NHS, MyPocketGP gives our Paycare community the chance to access phone or video appointments much more quickly – with the service operating 24/7 and accessible from anywhere in the world, from any smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Whether it’s your stress levels you want to talk to a GP about, or something related like a niggling illness or injury which is causing you worry, it’s a huge relief to know you can talk to a practising NHS doctor about the problem, and they can even refer you for further treatment or write a prescription (there is an associated cost with these prescriptions).


Paycare Perks

We all know exercise can be a fantastic way to relieve stress – but gym memberships, buying equipment, or finding suitable clothes to wear can be costly. That’s why health and fitness offers are one of the most popular discount categories on our Paycare Perks platform.


There are a huge range of offers, helping users reduce their financial worries and save on everything from their weekly food shop to home appliances to a much-needed break away and days out with friends and family. You can even find out how much you stand to save using the handy savings calculator.


Wellbeing and Alternative Therapy


All of our Health Cash Plan benefits are designed to reduce the stress of accessing healthcare by providing cash back on a range of costs you may occur – whether that’s for optical or dental appointments, physiotherapy etc.


And for those signed up to a company-paid HCP, your employer can choose an additional benefit such as ‘Wellbeing and Alternative Therapy’.


With up to £50 per year to claim back on a range of therapies such as Reiki or Hopi Ear Candle treatments, Bowen or Alexander techniques, and Indian Head Massage, it’s bound to do wonders for your stress levels (to ensure you can make a claim, do make sure to check with your employer if they’re signed up to this additional benefit, and ensure that your practitioner is registered with a body recognised by Paycare before making an appointment).


We understand stress can be a pretty hard problem to beat – but hopefully access to all the above through your Paycare Policy or Bundle Package will help support you through the tough times, and make life that little bit less stressful.


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