Employee Appreciation Day was originated in America but is now an awareness day which is marked by organisations across the world. It’s a day for companies to thank employees for their hard work and effort, with recognition and appreciation being known as two of the most motivational factors in the workplace ⭐


At Paycare, we like to show our team how much they mean to us, not just today, but every day – after all, they really are at the heart of everything we do!

It’s a hugely important business strategy that can prove really beneficial when implemented by companies – ensuring loyalty, motivation and dedication across the team.


So, before we share our three ways you can show appreciation to your team, here are some key stats on how your business really can benefit from showing employee appreciation…


👉 80% of employees say they’re more motivated to work hard when they feel appreciated, compared to 40% who would work harder for a demanding boss or because they feared losing their job.

👉 Sickness absence costs companies in the UK £29 billion a year – being appreciated for their hard work is one of a multitude of factors which can impact the rate of sickness, absenteeism and presenteeism within a workplace.

👉 More than a third of respondents in a global study showed that employees wanted to quit their job because they felt underappreciated – with retention rates likely to be much higher if staff are valued.


Interesting, right? Employee appreciation really is a biggy when it comes to increasing productivity, motivation and loyalty in the workplace! So – let’s put this into action as we share three ways you can show your appreciation:


1. Recognise they’re adults… 🙌
Trusting your team members to set their own working hours (providing they meet your business needs too of course), work remotely, and make their own decisions goes a long way in showing you respect and appreciate how hard your employees work.


2. Employee perks… 😍
Giving real benefits to your team (not just letting them go ten minutes early on a Friday!) that can help support their busy lifestyle is a great way to show your team appreciation. Try asking them to suggest which benefits they’d prefer, and implementing them where feasible – this can give them control over how they’re appreciated and ensures that the treats and benefits you share are truly valued! In turn, this will see a more motivated bunch in the office!


3. A Thank you… 🧡
Really? Something that simple? YES! We all know how much a ‘thank you’ goes a long way, but in a fast-paced work environment, whilst racing around the office trying to meet deadlines, it can be easy to forget to say a simple thanks to a colleague. Remember – appreciation doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture, simply praising a team member (directly to them and in front of others too) when you think they’ve done a good job or have lent a helping hand can absolutely make someone’s day – something we try to do a lot of in the Paycare office!


So, there you go – three simple but very effective tips on how you can show your team appreciation, daily!


Are you a company who has special ways of showing team appreciation? Share your ideas with us @MyPaycare – we’d love to hear them and maybe even give them a go!

Are you doing anything for Employee Appreciation Day? If so get in touch via our Twitter page @MyPaycare and let us know! Remember, show your team you appreciate them – not just today, but every day 🙌😊



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