We wanted to offer an insight into a few small changes you could make to reduce your stress levels – all to help us feel a little more ‘stress aware’.

We are all on a sliding scale from relaxed to stressed-out, and sometimes unavoidable pressures crop up that we can’t avoid. But there are some habits we can adopt to help us on a day-to-day basis:


More exercise:


We all know moving more has a raft of benefits, and the wonderful endorphins released can help bring down your stress levels, but starting to incorporate exercise into your schedule can seem like a daunting task.


That’s why setting an achievable goal and aiming to workout little and often (rather than setting out on a 10-mile run the first time you jog) is the way forward.


Less screen time:


Especially if you have a job which involves lots of screen time, it sometimes seems difficult to get away from technology. Our devices are essential when it comes to keeping in touch with far-away friends and families and within many careers, but we also know that when used to excess they can cause us to become down and stressed.


Allocate some time each day where you’re not looking at a screen, and we guarantee you’ll see the benefits. Whether you read, walk, complete a jigsaw, or take up a new hobby, your stress levels (and your eye health) will thank you for it!


More sleep:


Stress can often impact our ability to sleep, and then we get stressed about not being able to sleep! It’s a vicious cycle but one you can absolutely break out of if you implement some good sleep habits.


Less juggling:


Especially for those who work from home regularly, the line between work and life has blurred somewhat over recent years – meaning you might struggle to switch off at the right time, and you might find yourself answering emails when you’re not actually meant to be working. Exercising your right to disconnect totally from work is going to have a huge impact on your stress levels though – and a good rest away from your job is going to enable you to feel much fresher and more productive next time you’re working!


More kindness:


Did you know that being kind to others releases all sorts of chemicals in our brains which actually help our own wellbeing? As if there weren’t enough reasons already, to do something nice for a friend, family member, colleague (or even a stranger!), reducing your own stress levels in the process is definitely an added bonus!


Looking after yourself:


Taking time to do things you enjoy, drinking more water, and eating plenty of the right sorts of food all help in lowering stress, as well as having all sorts of other benefits for your physical and mental health. Implementing as many of these as possible to help you feel more stress aware really will have an impact – and hopefully in no time you’ll find yourself feeling much more zen.


Sending you relaxed vibes from everyone at Paycare! 😊🧘‍♀️