When it comes to looking after your health, our mission is to think holistically – so we’re not just supporting you with your physical and mental wellbeing, but also helping you with your financial health too.

It’s an important part of life which impacts everyone, but it’s sometimes easy to overlook when thinking about your health.

For example, while you might be using your Health Cash Plan to full effect to ensure you access a range of healthcare professionals in a timely manner, are you making full use of Paycare Perks?

The discount scheme is designed to give our Health Cash Plan Policyholders and Bundle Members money off a range of items – from the everyday essentials to life’s little treats.


Did you know that the average Policyholder could save £440 a year by making full use of Perks?

Our top savers are seeing their utility and grocery bills drop by up to £296 and £127 respectively, a huge help when it comes to those monthly outgoings. And Perks is also helping Policyholders with the enjoyable side of life too, with annual savings of up to £116 on holidays, £89 on eating out and £81 on fashion.

What’s on offer changes over time, but over the last year we’ve seen increased demand for discounts which can be used anywhere (like film streaming, digital gyms, and online shopping) which makes sense considering the increased time people have been spending at home. There’s also been an increase in uptake on discounts designed to look after your future: such as life insurance, income protection and wills.

To help you find out how much you stand to save by making full use of Paycare Perks, there’s a handy savings calculator which can give you estimated results based on your usual outgoings 📈

If you’re not yet part of the Paycare family, then do get in touch to find out more about how we can support you as an individual (or if you’re an employer, how we can help you support your team) – and if you already have a Policy or Bundle package then simply log into MyPaycare to see the range of offers available today 🛍


Happy saving! 😊