In order to help brighten up your day, here are 4 Ways to Feel Better and Turn a Blue Day into a New Day, all thanks to our lovely Wellbeing Manager and Mental Health First Aid Trainer, Kerry. They’re not worth missing… let’s take a look!



As humans, we interact and rely on each other for support, guidance, knowledge and a listening ear! Feeling connected releases positive emotions, so why not prioritise yourself by setting some time aside? Even if it’s just for a 5 minute ‘brew ritual’.

That’s right – stop and assess your current situation and think who you could take five with, try to listen and be present. Making eye contact can also help us to feel connected too, which in turn releases oxytocin – the ‘happy hormone’. A brilliant feel-good factor for all!


4 Minutes of Flow

Give yourself 4 minutes of feel-good ‘flow’. Think about what you like and enjoy doing, then what you want to achieve by doing it.
Check out some ideas that are popular with the Paycare team…

Listening to musicListen to a piece of music that lifts your mood… pop your earphones in, shut out the daily humdrum and enjoy!
Fresh AirBelieve it or not, spending as little as 4 minutes outdoors can do your brain wonders! It lifts your mood and energy levels, along with creating a sharper mind!
Jigsaw PuzzleThe benefits of jigsaws enhance existing connections between brain cells, improve short term memory and are perfect for interaction. Either way jigsaws can be a great way to find a fully relaxing, 4-minute ‘flow’.


Mood-boosting Films

Sometimes our favourite films make a great mood-booster!
Our Wellbeing Manager has put together her Top 3 feel-good films that are rated to help you feel good throughout the year! Here goes…you’re important!

Precious (2001) – An inspiring film and story of a teen who rises above suffering to make life better for her and her children.
The Pursuit of Happiness (2006) – A film that will make you shed happy tears. Based on a true story of a struggling salesman desperate to find purpose.
The Help (1960) – A heavy topic bringing light and heart to the film. One lesson to learn to take is you’re smart, you’re kind and you’re important!


Wellbeing Habits

It’s natural that, when a new year arrives, we tend to take the time to review old and consider new habits… many including physical or mental wellbeing goals!
Have you ever set yourself the challenge of forming new habits and not yet started? Well, don’t beat yourself up about it…

The reality? It takes 21-66 days to form a new habit. So, start when YOU are ready and be kind to yourself along the way… YOU come first!




Wow – thanks Kerry! Those tips are great and we can’t wait to start putting them into practice – all to help better our Mental Health! 🙌
Do you have any tips to help us all feel better mentally? If so, get in touch! Simply tweet us @MyPaycare and we’d love to share them! 😊