Ahhhh, we all LOVE a bargain, don’t we?

Well, whether you are looking for cashback on your weekly shopping, a voucher towards your next set of fitness equipment or even a bargain on your latest home appliances – Paycare Perks will have you covered!

That’s right – included as standard across the majority of our Health Cash Plans and Bundle Wellbeing Package, Paycare Perks offers a range of discounts and free services to Paycare Policyholders and Bundle Members on a host of everyday purchases.

Designed to help you look after your financial health (or if you’re a business – your employees), Paycare Perks is a fantastic discount scheme that offers savings on hundreds of high street, leisure, and health and fitness products and services – there really is something for everyone!

Even better – with our handy Paycare Perks Savings Calculator, users can find out how much could be SAVED on annual household spend 🏠

Simple to fill in, with how much is spent monthly or annually on everyday categories, the calculator will instantly generate an estimated annual personal savings total 😃📝

So, to give you lovely Paycare Policyholder’s and Bundle Members a round-up of what kind of discounts you can get your hands on, here are four ways that Paycare Perks can benefit your day-to-day life:


  1. Health and Wellbeing 🏃

The incredible benefits Paycare Perks can offer you doesn’t stop there! A Health and Wellbeing Hub, also available through the portal, can offer Paycare Policyholders articles, tips and practical advice on wellbeing across hot topics including stress management, financial wellbeing and resilience. Every two months the wellbeing hub will launch a new topic and content will continually be refreshed!

The Health and Wellbeing of our Policyholders and their families has never been so important to us here at Paycare (you probably regularly see us spread the word around this across our social media pages!). So, as well as this, Policyholders also have access to discounted gym memberships and can make great savings on sport, fitness and wellbeing products.



  1. Shopping 🛍🛒

Paycare Perks provides access to a range of discounts in some of the UK’s most popular retailers (something the Paycare team love!) You got it, it allows our Policyholders to save money whilst shopping at their favourite high street stores, including brands such as Apple, John Lewis and Tesco. Wow – whether that be on your weekly food shop or treating yourself, savings will be made!



  1. Motoring 🚗

For those of us that drive, we all know that having the luxury to do so doesn’t always come cheap! Well, at Paycare we can help remove those driving worries from our Policyholders’ minds, with offers ranging from breakdown services all the way to insurance. What’s even better, is that as a Paycare Policyholder, you can make great savings on car rentals – which operate in over 30,000 locations, allowing you to have fun and explore on all of the adventures you go on, roll on summer we say! 🙌



  1. Personal Development 💻

Should you choose to better yourself professionally and improve your skills – if you’re a Paycare Policyholder, you can use Paycare Perks to access discounts of up to 50% off IT Training and Professional Development Training Courses – amazing, right? Topics covered include Business Relationship Management, Communications Skills, Customer Services and Management & Leadership – so you can never stop learning!

personal development


So, there you have it!


Just four ways Paycare Perks really can help to support your financial health all 12-months of the year. Whether you have a special birthday coming up, wish to take up a new skill or are looking to save those pennies on everyday purchases – Paycare Perks has got you covered!

Everything you need is managed through a dedicated, easy to use website. To access the abundance of fantastic discounts, simply log in to your MyPaycare Area and click on Paycare Perks for details – it’s that easy!


Happy Shopping! 🛍




Not currently a Paycare Policyholder or Bundle Member but would love access to our Paycare Perks?

We have a range of Direct Health Cash Plans available for you, including a range of other Wellbeing Services, just simply check out our website for more details or give us a call on 01902 371010! Our lovely Customer Services Team and Account Managers will be more than happy to help 😊


Alternatively, are you a Business that’s looking to support the financial health and wellbeing of your team by helping their pennies go a little further?

Our brand-new Wellbeing Package Bundle, that is designed to look after your employees from head to toe is now available! Costing just £2.00 per employee per month, Bundle can help employers engage with their teams to keep them mentally, physically, and financially healthy, at a time where it’s more important than ever! Your team can access savings on hundreds of gym memberships, online and high street retail, leisure, and health and fitness products and services.

To learn more about Bundle and the other Wellbeing Services it includes, head over to our website: https://www.paycare.org/wellbeing-bundle/ 💜