With the UK celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day today (February 17th), we are supporting employers to find new ways to show their teams they care.

Random Acts of Kindness Day was originally introduced in 1995 in Colorado, USA to encourage people to lift spirits and spread happiness.  Since then, it’s become an annual event that’s marked all over the globe as individuals and organisations acknowledge the very real benefits of being kind to each other. 🧡

There is a wealth of scientific evidence to show how the simplest act of kindness can have a huge physiological and mental impact – including lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and even increasing life expectancy.

And… more often than not, it’s the smallest gestures that have the biggest effect, from a simple smile to making someone a cup of tea or giving a compliment.

However, ways in which we’re able to demonstrate kindness have changed significantly over the past 12 months – ‘physically’ showing someone we care is now much more difficult as we remain forced apart from each other.

With organisations having to navigate this prolonged period of distanced working, the need to find alternative ways to show employees they’re valued is more important than ever before.  That’s why we are working with businesses to help ensure their most precious assets are looked after – even in these toughest of times.


Our CEO Kevin Rogers said:

“It’s no longer possible to treat workforces with a team lunch, after-work drinks, or even a simple shake of the hand. So, managers need to be much more creative in how they thank their teams for a job well done.  With the Covid-19 pandemic seeing many individuals and families suffering from the impact of isolation, reduced incomes, and poor health, providing access to a Health Cash Plan can be a huge source of support, and peace of mind.

“Plans can cover everything from routine optical and dental treatments to alternative therapies, specialist consultations and health screenings, plus 24-hour GP services and counselling support, as well as the Paycare Perks online discount platform.  Through introducing Health Cash Plans into their business, not only are employers helping to look after the physical, mental and financial health of their teams, but they’re also showing that they genuinely care.

“This past year has been an enormous challenge for businesses everywhere with every facet tested to the hilt – from systems and processes to staff morale and mental health.  In 2019 we launched our dedicated wellbeing and training division offering a series of Mental Health First Aid programmes, which has evolved throughout the pandemic to offer virtual courses and free monthly e-clinics.

“Never did we anticipate that the need for such support would become so critical, but the fact that we’re now welcoming dozens of attendees to each one of our e-clinics is testament to the increasing value that employers are placing on the wellbeing of their staff. The sessions expand the understanding they have, increasing their knowledge about the signs and symptoms of mental ill health can help their teams feel more comfortable opening up to them. With happiness levels across the UK last month the lowest ever recorded – it’s clear that everybody, no matter what their situation or what industry they’re in, could benefit from just a little extra show of kindness.”


There are so many ways you can be kind, to friends, family, colleagues, and employees!
Get in touch and let us know how you are spreading a little kindness (at work or at home) today! 😊


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