Wellbeing is a priority for a team who work closely with parents experiencing abuse – which is why they make use of their Paycare Health Cash Plan.

PEGS is a social enterprise which has offices in Shropshire and Derbyshire, but supports any parent, carer or guardian across the UK who is impacted by Child to Parent Abuse. It was launched in 2020 by Michelle John, who felt there wasn’t enough support for parents, and also wanted to raise awareness of the issue, provide training for frontline professionals, and encourage the implementation of specific policies by regional and national organisations.

Given the nature of their work, a priority for Michelle is ensuring the team’s wellbeing is looked after – which includes access to a Paycare policy to enable them to seek support for their physical and emotional health where needed.

She explains:

“Working at PEGS is extremely rewarding, especially when parents tell us what a difference we’ve made to their lives or when professionals are able to work more effectively and empathetically with parents because of the training we’ve provided.

“But of course, given the topic we talk about every day, it can be emotionally difficult too. I want my staff to feel that their health and wellness is prioritised, and the valuable benefits of the Plans that Paycare offer help us do exactly that. Knowing they can call the EAP if they’ve had a tough day, or can make a virtual appointment with a doctor if they’re feeling under the weather is really helpful, as is the information and tips they share with us throughout the year.

“As a social enterprise, benefitting the community is our main focus – so the fact Paycare is also a not-for-profit and does so much to support groups and charities is a huge plus for us. Their customer service is excellent, and we couldn’t be happier having them as a vital part of our wellbeing support.”

Visit www.pegsupport.com or search PEGS Support on social media to find out more about the organisation. Or to develop your own Workplace Wellbeing Strategy, simply download Paycare’s free guide from www.paycare.org/workplace-wellbeing 💚