We’re thrilled to announce that our policy documents have received the ‘Clear and Simple Mark’ from Fairer Finance, an independent ratings agency which helps people make better financial decisions and ensure they receive optimum value from their insurance products.


The accreditation recognises excellence in transparency and communication and is awarded to organisations’ documents and websites that are written in simple language and which are clearly designed.


Anthony Burns, Paycare’s CEO, said: “Traditionally, insurance product documents have been difficult to understand, with numerous amounts of jargon weaved in and small print at the end detailing specific policy restrictions and limitations.  This can make it very confusing for individuals to not only understand the exact terms of their policy, but to know how to benefit fully from it.


“As a business, we’ve always been passionate about making sure we put our customers first and in supporting them to reap the rewards of their health cash plans.  And this means doing all we can to ensure that not only do they know what benefits are available to them, but that they know just how to access these simply and effectively.


“Which is why we chose to work in partnership with the team at Fairer Finance to enhance our policy documents to ensure that they’re as accessible as possible for our Policyholders and that the details within them are clear, concise, and comprehensible.”


Externally reviewed against strict criteria, our new documents have been carefully designed with the average UK reader in mind – with less words per page, shorter sentences, and the incorporation of more colourways.  The traditional ‘Terms and Conditions’ format has also been changed to a more manual style, with an easy to navigate contents page and FAQs.


“The team has worked incredibly hard to ensure that our policy documents now provide even greater clarity and transparency, with this prestigious mark of approval testament to our continued dedication to our much valued customers,” Ant added.


Simplifying policy documents has been just one of the many enhancements we’ve made following the implementation of The Consumer Duty by Fairer Finance in 2023 🙏


Proud to be celebrating our 150th anniversary this year, we support the health and happiness of the UK through a range of Health Cash Plans designed to ease financial pressure and promote a proactive approach to wellbeing.  Find out more about our Plans for individuals here, or our Plans for organisations here