As part of ongoing celebrations to commemorate our 150th year in business, members of the team (both new and old) were treated to a Hospitality Day at the Molineux Stadium as part of our Wolves Foundation Patronage.


Two of our longest-serving employees – Compliance Manager, Saranjit Nagra, who’s been with us for 43 years, and Corporate Support Manager, Clare Jarvis who recently celebrated 38 years of service were joined by former Paycare CEOs Liz Price and Gail Maltby.


Saranjit said: “Having spent over four decades at Paycare, I’ve had the huge honour of seeing the organisation grow and evolve into the most wonderful place to work and be a part of.   We’ve continually changed and adapted over the years to meet the needs of our Policyholders, but one thing that’s always remained is our commitment to putting our people first.


“I was thrilled to be invited to attend the Hospitality Day at the Molineux – it was a fantastic opportunity to spend time with Paycare colleagues past and present, reminisce about the ‘old times’, and to raise a glass to my own 43 years’ service (and counting).


“And, we were even treated to a 2-1 win from Wolves as the cherry on top!”


Liz added: “I have such fond memories of the 16 years (from 1993 to 2009) that I was involved in the management of Paycare – three years as Honorary Treasurer, and 13 years as Chief Executive.


“The ‘not-for-profit’ ethos was a key driver and motivator for me. It was rewarding to be able to assist customers, in even just a small way, when they were going through difficult times, and their gratitude was humbling. While being the CEO of an organisation didn’t come without challenge, it was an amazing and unforgettable experience overall.


“I had the privilege of managing a staff team that was committed to supporting our customers and, most importantly, each other. Many of them have remained as friends over the 15 years since I’ve left, and so I absolutely jumped at the chance to meet up and reminisce – especially as it was at the Molineux Stadium where we held our AGMs for many years, and where we sponsored the lounge for disabled supporters from 1999 onwards.”


What a lovely reunion! 🧡



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