As firm believers that prevention is better than cure, we’re proud to champion a fantastic local social enterprise, Sponsored Breaks, who’s dedicated to giving back to those in need within our community.


In 2021, Simon Love and his wife, Harriet purchased and uniquely wrapped a campervan before launching their bespoke idea: Sponsored Breaks. It recognises – and celebrates – deserving people from across the UK, gifting nominees a much-needed break to ensure they can wholly take care of themselves, and their families.


Simon said: “The concept came to me during the pandemic – I needed a break. But as I reflected further, it dawned on me the sheer number of people who were more in need than me. The cogs started to turn and I had a burning desire to set up a sustainable venture to help people in need, and just give them a break – in every sense of the word.


“With illness, loss and desperation lying heavy across all communities like a never-ending fog at that time, I believed that this could be the glimmer of sunshine for many. An opportunity to escape, reconnect, and recharge.”


Unsung heroes or those in need of a well-deserved break can be nominated for this gifted respite. To date, 133 individuals have experienced a campervan getaway, organised by Sponsored Breaks and supported by their sponsors.


“The response and impact has been immense,” Simon continued.


“Unfortunately similar hardships are currently presented thanks to the current cost-of-living crisis, but we’re passionate about continuing to support individuals in need of a lifeline. Thanks to our sponsors, in exchange for nationwide and digital advertising, they fund this all-important respite and make a very real difference to people’s lives.”


Anthony Burns, CEO at Paycare said: “As a fellow Wolverhampton-based business, we’re absolutely delighted to witness the brilliant work that Sponsored Breaks is doing, and the huge impact that they’re having on our local community (and across the UK). Having previously been a Group Policyholder in his previous role, we know that Simon is passionate about holistic health and wellbeing. Offering these amazing getaways to deserving individuals is a fantastic initiative, and one we’re proud to be wholeheartedly championing.”


To find out more about Sponsored Breaks, to nominate an unsung hero in your community, or to review the sponsorship options, visit the website:


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