We’re thrilled to be partnering with local author James Davison to launch an exclusive competition for our Policyholders 🧡


We’re giving five Policyholders the chance to win a copy of James’ book – Mindy’s Journey – an inspiring story of hope, faith, and the power of communication.


James said: “The story follows Mindy: after receiving some bad news, she wakes up alone in a cave, where she befriends a star who guides her through the darkness. Details of the bad news are purposefully vague, so that it can be relatable to anyone, and hopefully spark conversations between children and parents, carers, or teachers.


“As something I’ve lived with for a long time, I’m very open about my neurodiversity, and the fact I have Tourette’s syndrome, Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder, and Affective Dysregulation. But I wasn’t diagnosed until my late teens, meaning that High School was particularly difficult trying to navigate my mental health in a time where there was limited understanding, awareness and acceptance. So much so, I was regularly in trouble and always felt like an outsider.


“Mindy’s Journey originally came about as an idea for a computer game, spawned from a brief when I was completing my Masters in Digital and Visual Communication at Wolverhampton University. I later would tell Mindy’s Journey to my eldest daughter, Lilly-Rose, until she finally encouraged me to publish it for others to enjoy.”


Support from the Prince’s Trust, along with a nomination for an Enterprise Award, saw James receive funding to help him get the idea for the book over the line. Released in June 2022 with illustrations by Darren Gate, Mindy’s Journey is one of three books he’s authored – and his first aimed at children.


Paycare’s CEO, Anthony Burns said: “When we learned about James’ latest book and his own journey, we were naturally keen to help him further this very important message. The story – and James himself – absolutely align with everything we stand for at Paycare: promoting wellness, encouraging communication, and caring for our community. It’s even fantastic to learn that for every one of his books sold, a tree is planted – further giving back and doing good.


James concluded: “I wasn’t ever a lover of reading, and I never imagined I could write books. But I consider myself a storyteller – passionate about sharing stories, I regularly attend schools to bring them to life. Lilly-Rose is also already sharing her own stories and has written her first book, ‘The Magic Bunny’, which I’m exceptionally proud of and which shows that anyone (no matter old or what challenges they face) can achieve their own dreams.


“I’m incredibly grateful for Paycare’s support in furthering my mission and helping to spread my message: I want people to know that even if they’re facing mental health conditions or other challenges, that there’s always a way.”


Mindy’s Journey has been nominated for the People’s Book Prize – voting is open until the end of April: https://peoplesbookprize.com/summer-2023-categories/childrens/.


Keep your eyes peeled in our upcoming Policyholder Newsletter for further details about this exclusive giveaway, and how to enter!


For further information about James’ work, including his latest book ‘Spume’, please visit facebook.com/ProgressivePlay or visit www.progressiveplay.store.


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