We’re so proud to be continuing our relationship with The Haven Wolverhampton by supporting their specialist interpretation services.


We’ve been associated with the domestic abuse charity for a number of years, and are now set to provide some funding to support the charity’s 24/7 Helpline, enabling them to use the Language Line Service for the next two years.


In addition to the difficulties faced by women fleeing from domestic abuse, being unable to speak English is an extra barrier which increases their vulnerability.


It’s of particular importance within Wolverhampton, where almost a fifth of the population was born outside of the UK and there are a large proportion of residents for whom English is not their first language.


Haven staff and volunteers can collectively speak a number of languages, but the additional telephone interpreting service enables instant communication in over 240 different languages 24/7 via a three-way phone conversation.


It means staff can immediately identify the exact needs of the woman seeking help, and put the right support in place for them straightaway.


Over the last three years, Paycare has donated towards The Haven’s live chat facility on their website. The charity has now found a free provider for this function, which is why the next two years of funding from us has been redirected to the use of Language Line. Additionally, our team has supported fundraising events and with other ad-hoc donations.


Haven Fundraising Manager Jade Secker said:

“Paycare’s donations have enabled many women to safely seek the vital care and support they need. For many people in controlling and abusive relationships, the ability to physically speak to someone about the issues they’re facing can be very restricted due to their abuser having a constant presence in the home. Therefore, our helpline isn’t always the safest option for women in dire need of seeking help.


“With massive thanks to Paycare, for the last three years we have been able to offer an alternative channel of communication through our live chat function.


“We hope the team know just how vital their support has been to this project, we are incredibly excited to continue working with Paycare on future projects – all to ensure those in dire need in our shared community can access the help they deserve.”


Sally Bromley, Partnerships Manager at Paycare, added:

“The staff and volunteers at The Haven Wolverhampton do an incredible job offering vital support to women and children fleeing from horrendous situations.


“All of these women face such huge obstacles to be able to access help – none more so than those who are unable to communicate fluently in English. We are so pleased to be able to support the ongoing provision of Language Line services for the Haven’s helpline team, and we are truly hopeful that it will make reaching out for support that little bit less challenging for so many women in Wolverhampton.”


Visit www.havenrefuge.org.uk to find out more about the charity and the help it can provide if you’re impacted by domestic abuse. Or for more information about Paycare’s community and charity work, simply click here.