We’ve let our creativity run free as we welcomed Creative Black Country to Paycare House for workplace wellbeing workshops recently, focused on large-scale drawing – with the aim of encouraging fun and relaxation!

Partnerships Manager Sally Bromley said artist Sarah Goudie had provided huge pieces of paper placed on the walls, tables and floors as well as pastels and chalks.

“It was totally open and inclusive – no experience was needed and you certainly did not need to be able to draw to take part. It was just a chance to try something new, and Sarah was there to guide and support us all through the sessions.

“Some of the staff were a little hesitant about taking part, not knowing what to expect, but Sarah put everyone at ease and you could quickly see everyone relaxing and letting their creative side take over.

“It’s so important to allow staff to find some time to get away from their desks and computer screens, and just enjoy a new experience. Massive thanks to Sarah, and to Yvonne Gregory from Creative Black Country for coming in and sharing with our staff – I am sure it will be something we will be doing again.”

Comments from staff included ‘amazing event, enjoyed it so much’, ‘very calming and relaxing’ and ‘I don’t think as adults, we usually allow ourselves to be so free and messy, I loved it!’

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