Awareness of Workplace Wellbeing is increasing. More and more companies are beginning to understand the abundance of benefits it has on business when staff members feel well, cared for, and appreciated.


And a greater and more universal understanding is being reported – with the CIPD stating that when companies dedicate time and resources to employee wellbeing, both employees and employers significantly benefit, poor health is prevented, and workplace absence reduced.


So, with this in mind, here are our key considerations for employers in 2023 to ensure you remain ahead of the game:


1. Work/Life Balance

It’s never before been more important to promote a positive work/life balance for your employees – more than six in ten of those who think they have a good balance are willing to go above and beyond for their company. Whereas, only a quarter of those with a poor balance would do the same. Some companies are offering staff the chance to buy extra holidays – this is a cost-effective option for the firm, which is high-value for the employee.


2. Stress-Related Support

In a recent study, four in ten workers admitted to experiencing burnout. Many more feel stressed at work. Assistance with managing workloads, dealing with stress, and having access to support are must-have offerings in 2023.


3. Hybrid / Remote Working

With working from home (permanently or part-time) becoming the norm for many businesses, it’s not surprising that more than half would consider these arrangements when deciding whether to remain in their current job, or search for something new.


So, for this reason, it’s crucial that employers ensure their Workplace Wellness strategy is accessible and suitable for all team members – regardless of where they’re based.


4. Consider Financial Perks

With pay rises proving difficult for many businesses in the current climate, thinking about other ways to support financial wellbeing is a must. For example, signing up to discount schemes such as Paycare Perks (which is included in our Health Cash Plans) can enable your team to save on a wealth of services and products.


5. Enhance Team Morale

By making Workplace Wellbeing a priority, and communicating this to your team, you’re well placed to enable them to feel empowered, respected and looked after.


But, as with everything, you must show and not just tell – perhaps you could consider putting on team days to support morale and communication. This could be anything from a sports tournament to a relaxing afternoon tea, depending on what your team would prefer.

It’s also crucial to consider the opportunities you’re giving your team for future development and growth – as knowing they can achieve their career goals, and that the business is right behind them every step of the way, often has a huge impact on morale and wellbeing.


We’d love to know what you think would best resonate with your workforce, and if you have implemented any other strategies!


Our Workplace Wellbeing guide includes lots of additional ideas focused around taking care of your team, and showing your appreciation for their hard work. You can also keep up to date on our blog – which shares a variety of physical, mental and financial wellbeing top tips, Paycare News, and more Workplace Wellbeing food for thought!