Almost 150 years ago, Paycare launched in a bid to support workers in our hometown of Wolverhampton with the costs of everyday healthcare. And since then, we’ve aimed to keep the health and happiness of our customers at the heart of everything we do – meaning feedback is crucial to ensure we’re on the right track.


Knowing what’s going well, and if there’s anything we can improve on as part of our continual enhancement of the Paycare offering, has become even more essential with the pandemic changing the way we were able to communicate with customers for well over a year.


That’s why we’ve been thrilled to receive so much good feedback and so many written testimonials in 2021: our Corporate Account Managers Stephen Burton-Pye and Simon Cater say:


“We’ve both thoroughly enjoyed supporting our existing members and an influx of new companies who want to look after their employees. We’ve loved exhibiting at a couple of venues and continuing to raise the profile of Paycare. We are so incredibly lucky to work with an amazing team who love their jobs.”


Here are some very short excerpts from the testimonials we’ve collected together – because especially given the turbulent times the world has faced recently, it’s lovely to celebrate successes!


During these tough times, the business case for implementing an employee benefits scheme has never been stronger, and we know that the raft of physical, mental health and wellbeing measures available to our teams through Paycare is incredibly important.”Black Country Chamber


We’ve been with Paycare for many years and it forms a key part of our employee wellbeing strategy, ultimately aimed at reducing sickness absence and boosting motivation.”Briggs Equipment


“Paycare is a great solution for businesses wanting to use a local, ethical and highly effective Health Cash Plan scheme and we would definitely recommend. Paycare always make us feel like a valued customer.”Cedo


“If another organisation was undecided about implementing a Health Cash Plan, I would say go for it. Although we are still in the implementation stage, it has been received very positively by the workforce.”DePe Gear


“I loved the idea of any left-over money in the pot going to community causes and that was one of the main factors which made us go with Paycare, alongside Stephen’s care and attention.”Ground & Water


“If other companies are looking for a HCP, then Paycare is a really good option – the cost is really reasonable, their system is fun to use, and you get so much back: not just the main benefits you’d expect but also extras such as Paycare Perks, MyPocketGP, newsletters, and information about awareness days.”ISO Quality Services


“The level of service has been excellent, and the staff always comment on how quickly claims are paid out once submitted. Simon Cater has been fantastic, but it doesn’t matter who you speak to, the whole team is so efficient and helpful – you know your query will be answered quickly!”Preston Innovations


“We very much appreciate the support we get from Paycare, and the initiatives which see our Corporate Account Manager Stephen sharing regular information with us. The process of claiming is so simple – it’s so easy to upload your receipts and make a claim, then you receive confirmation and the money goes back into your account very quickly.”Shorts


“Everyone at TinCan has been really pleased with Paycare so far, they’ve remarked how easy and quick the claims process is. It was great to have an introductory session led by Stephen, and he’s been amazing at providing ongoing support and answering any questions we have.”TinCan Comms


“We feel having the HCP highlights to our team the need to look after themselves and access preventative healthcare, and they’ve all been really positive about joining Paycare.”Willoughby Book Club


“Not only is Paycare a wonderful organisation that is completely aligned with us from the perspective of being a completely people-centred business, but the services and support it offers to us as a business are hugely relevant – and greatly valued by us all.”Zen Communications


Wow! We really are lucky to have such lovely customers who are always going above and beyond to prioritise their employees health and wellbeing…

If your organisation isn’t yet making use of Paycare’s health and wellbeing support and you’re looking for ways to help keep your team happy and healthy – there’s plenty of information about Workplace Wellbeing, our Health Cash Plans at, and our Wellbeing Bundle at 🧡💜