With summer in full-swing and holidays coming and going, it’s much easier to have a more positive outlook than in dreary winter months. But, it’s still important to remember that it’s simply not sustainable, or possible, to be happy all the time.

Yet, with happy employees said to be 12%1 more productive, and workplace happiness expert, Shawn Anchor believing that it’s a precursor to organisational success, it’s important to help create – and retain an atmosphere, culture and environment where your team feel happy whilst at work. Some of the basic ways in which you can enhance and boost moods amongst your team include:

1. Physical Activity
Exercising produces feel-good hormones, and just because you’re at work doesn’t mean that it has to wait until your own time. Walking lunches, office running clubs, and group personal training sessions are just a few of the ways you can motivate your team to get up and about a little more. It also brings about other benefits too, such as helping colleagues get to know each other better and making them feeling more refreshed when it’s time to get back to work.

2. Hydration
According to a survey carried out by the RNLI, 89%2 of Brits are not drinking enough water, with a shocking 17% of adults often going an entire day without drinking any at all. Keeping hydrated is one of the biggest aids to brain function, concentration and overall mood. On the flip side, not enough water can cause fatigue, headaches and irritability. Some easy ways to encourage your staff to drink plenty of fluids (especially in the summer months) may include having a water cooler in the office, company-branded water bottles, or even putting employees to the test in a 2 litre-a-day water drinking challenge – because who doesn’t enjoy a spot of healthy competition?

3. Dress Code
Many workplaces implement a dress code, but whilst this maintains a sense of professionalism, employers should also be mindful of comfort. Employees are less likely to be able to concentrate and work at their most productive if they’re not comfortable at work, which for many people, can be up to 10 hours each day. This is particularly important in summer, when the weather is too hot to be wearing a suit and heavy clothing – a tie, for example, can actually harm thought processes by causing a 7.5% drop in blood flow to the brain according to HR Grapevine3. By introducing more relaxed clothing regulations, there can be an improvement to the comfort of workers and subsequently their productivity and happiness. When they do need to be smart for meetings or client-facing work, there’s also no harm in bringing a change of clothes for that portion of the day.

4. Ecotherapy
Just as being outside when exercising can improve your mood, so can bringing some of the outdoors inside to make it feel more natural. Plants, natural light, and a regular flow of fresh air can have positive effects on happiness, productivity levels and employee health and wellbeing. Workers that are surrounded by more natural items at work can feel more invigorated and enthused about their work. Scientifically-speaking, indoor nature spaces can reduce blood flow to the part of the brain associated with negative emotions.

5. Family Friendly
Work and personal lives can sometimes be hard to balance, and there will be scenarios when we need to leave work to sort out something urgent at home, such as children care issues for parents. The benefits of implementing a more flexible approach to working not only benefits the employees, but it can also help employers get the best from their team when they aren’t worried about personal matters and feel at their most productive. There are many other benefits to employers too, such as expanding opening hours, which can increase profitability.

As a Corporate Paycare Policyholder, it’s vital to ensure that your teams utilise the plans they have as effectively as possible to protect their physical, mental and financial health and wellbeing. If you’d like any support about how you can promote your Corporate Cash Plan, engage better with your teams, and understand more about the impact they can have on your business’s profitability, do get in touch with your account manager or contact us on 01902 371000.

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