Wow – just like that, we are into the second month of 2019 already! It may still be gloomy and cold outside, but we know there are events in February that warm up our hearts and ultimately bring us closer to our loved ones, family, and friends and yes, even our colleagues…

…That’s it, the famous month of love!

And, as many of us know or have experienced, it can be difficult to always form optimistic relationships between colleagues, no matter how hard some of us may try!

Well, here at Paycare, we think February should be for more than just focusing on loved ones at home, we believe it’s all about being happy, caring and thoughtful in all aspects of our lives!

So, listen up Managers! Our friends, My Home Vitality, have provided us with some key takeaways you can implement to create healthy relationships in the workplace, because let’s face it, that is where we all spend most of our time!

From appreciation, friendship and giving, all the way to respect, empathy and comfort – check out below some highly effective tips you can implement with your teams this month!


“Healthy camaraderie in the workplace can go a long way to maximising business profits; so, for you managers out there, take note because creating a supportive social environment, that encourages healthy relationships, is essential for business performance.

Develop an appreciation philosophy

Many companies have documented visions, mission statements, ideas, codes of conduct, policies, terms and conditions, the list goes on. These are all useful management tools but it’s often unwritten beliefs that guide an organisations culture.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your organisation have an appreciation philosophy?
  • Do you appreciate the skills of your colleagues?
  • Do you appreciate the personalities surrounding you at work?

If you want to create an environment that encourages camaraderie, having a philosophy founded on appreciation is essential.


Make it personal

How much do you really know about your peers? One great way to develop healthy workplace relations with fellow workers is to understand them on a personal level.

You don’t have to be best friends with everyone in your team; however, knowing more about them will help you to understand them better and can even help you support them more effectively in the workplace.

Asking about family, hobbies, pets, holidays and other personal interests can be a great place to start. Simple questions like “what’s the best book you’ve ever read?” or “Have you seen any good movies recently?” provide more than enough information to get a personal conversation burning. Taking a bit of an extra interest in your co-workers can go a long way towards building better relationships that will last a lifetime.

Some examples of how you can incorporate this across your firm:

  • Set up a “fun committee” that arranges social events
  • Invite your team out for bowling or after-work drinks
  • Organise a night at the local comedy club
  • Arrange team meals
  • Celebrate your achievements as a team
  • Suggest a social hour each week – Fridays are always a good option for this, as everyone is generally in a good mood already!



If you don’t mind spending a bit of money, you can strengthen your personal relationships even more by offering thoughtful gifts.

The key here is to give without expecting anything in return. When you do this, it will not only feel good but people around you will appreciate your honesty and sincerity.

The law of reciprocity also plays its part because, subconsciously, people often feel compelled to repay any kind of debt.

Giving not only benefits you as an individual, it can encourage your comrades to go above and beyond for the benefit of the team. Once you set a “giving” example, extend it to your team by encouraging them to give back to the community and their fellow co-workers:

  • Organise volunteer days to help the local community
  • Encourage inter-team coaching
  • Create “Most Helpful Employee” of the month awards or something similar
  • Allow time per week for individuals to help colleagues
  • Encourage colleagues to “Pay It Forward” – Instead of them paying you back, invite them to do a good deed for someone else instead.


Show respect for each other’s opinions

Respect people’s opinions and ideas. It’s that simple. Don’t dismiss people. Even if their ideas or opinions clash with your own; take a deep breath, respect them, appreciate them, and provide appropriate feedback.
Put yourself in the shoes of others and think from their perspective for a second. What challenges might they be facing? What will they think or feel about this issue? What is their level of experience? What do they want? What don’t they want?

Again, a lot of these questions can be answered once you know the people you are working with on a personal level. The more you know about someone’s personality, the more empathetic you can be towards them.


Encourage vulnerability

Creating a comfortable environment by encouraging people to express themselves freely and not worry about others’ opinions will have unlimited benefits.

It will not only make the workplace a much happier environment, it will lead to an upsurge in ideas. Ideas are the protein of business – it’s what helps them grow – and who better to suggest ideas than the people who work in the business day in day out. You can also create idea boxes, boards or forms to put around the office, so people can share ideas without feeling anxious about it.

In addition, by having regular one-on-one meetings between different levels of staff it will ensure everyone is supported from above and below them in the corporate structure. Let your teams know that if they want to share an idea with you, you’re always approachable.”


So, there you go!

Just some of the ways you can create and improve relationships in the workplace. After all, a happy team makes a happy workplace!

Wherever you are or whoever you are with, whether it be your partner, your family, your friends, or even enjoying your own company, have an amazing Valentine’s Day and remember, spread the love this month! #PaycareLoves

If you’re a Manager or Business Owner and don’t currently offer a Health Cash Plan, but would love to find out how you can create a better workplace for you and your employees, then get in touch, we’d love to help!


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