And with a recent study evidencing just how beneficial singing is to our health, we’ve put together our very own The Science of Singing guide which shares some of the reasons why you should raise your voice and sing to your heart’s content, including:

  • Endorphins Release| Singing can have the same effects as exercise and can take the strain off the immune system by using resources which can fight against even the most serious of illnesses and diseases. The endorphins released as a result of singing can make you feel instantly uplifted and happier.
  • Oxytocins Release| Singing also releases oxytocins, which is a natural stress reliever and can be found to alleviate feelings of depression and loneliness. In fact, a study published in ECancer Medical Science which tested the saliva of choir members before and after singing found that those suffering the most from depression experienced the greatest mood improvement after just an hour of singing.
  • Better Rested | And due to the stress levels in the body decreasing as a result of singing, you can rest assured that a much better night’s sleep is on the cards.
  • In-Sync Singing | When you sing with someone else too, your heart rates can actually become synchronised!

We’ve made the full guide available completely complimentary, and would encourage anyone interested in getting their hands on a copy to email with the subject Singing. Enjoy!