Which is why we’ve decided to enhance our existing GP 24/7 service – a confidential, around the clock, telephone consultation facility – with the launch of a brand new app aimed at making it even easier for our Policyholders to obtain vital medical advice, guidance, and support.

The Paycare GP 24/7 app has been designed to provide users with access to professional advice and guidance at the touch of a button – wherever they are.  And, available across all devices including Apple, android, laptops and PCs, the service is accessible to all.

Services available via the Paycare GP 24/7 app include:

  • Speak to a GP |  telephone consultation service
  • Online Services | video consultation, message a GP (via Message Dr system), request an appointment (available 08:30am – 6:30pm Monday to Friday (Excluding UK Bank Holidays)
  • Health Monitor | enabling the individual to maintain a record of their consultations, allergies, prescriptions, metrics and local services
  • Specialist Referral | if necessary, provision of an open private referral letter from the GP
  • Health Wise | a comprehensive, medically validated UK database of over 1100 topics including long-term conditions and oversea travel advice
  • Fitness | fitness goal plan, motivational programmes, and nutritional advice
  • Health Conditions | links to comprehensive A-Z information on health conditions and treatments

In essence, the app works by putting the user in touch with a bank of qualified GPs able to diagnose everyday health concerns (such as aches and pains, rashes, and throat infections) through either a telephone consultation service or via a secure video conference call.

By using a combination of oral and visual communication and on-screen diagrams and infographics, the GP is able to assess the user’s condition.   For less urgent queries, there is a feature enabling the user to message a doctor – for example, the user may wish to know how often they can take a particular medication, or what vaccinations are needed for their holiday – something which the individual may previously have taken time out of work to see a GP about.  The user’s message will be directed to a GP who will respond to the query the next working day (or sooner).

An additional benefit for Policyholders is that the service is available worldwide, enabling any individual who may be travelling abroad (for business or pleasure) to speak to a qualified medical professional in English.  The GP can also provide advice pre-travels where appropriate, by guiding the employee through any vaccinations they may need and any other health precautions relevant to their place of travel.

For further information on the Paycare GP24/7 app please visit https://www.paycare.gpsurgery.uk.com/