You may know we have been running a series of free e-clinics – the next is a must for employers who want to find new ways to celebrate, recognise and retain their team members.


The next hour-long webinar from our wonderful Wellbeing Manager Kerry B Mitchell, has been organised around Employee Appreciation Day, an event originally celebrated in the US but now adopted by many UK-based organisations each year.


Kerry will host the e-clinic at 10am on Tuesday 9th March, and this month’s special guests will be familiar to our Paycare family as they’re our Corporate Account Managers Stephen Burton-Pye and Simon Cater (you may already know them!) 🙌


The fantastic duo is responsible for looking after the Managers and Teams of the existing businesses, who are engaged with Workplace Wellbeing and signed up to one of Paycare’s Health Cash Plans, which offer the chance to claim back money on every day healthcare. The plans also incorporate various employee benefits designed to improve the health and wellbeing of staff – whether that’s access to virtual GPs, support helplines or shopping discounts.


💬 Stephen says:


“Traditionally, competitive salaries alone were seen as the best way to retain staff, thank them for their hard work, and attract new talent. Now, businesses realise it’s much more nuanced than this – a third of employees would prefer more flexible working over a 3% pay rise and more than a third consider the benefits offered as a priority before accepting a job offer.


“Health and wellbeing considerations have been rising on the employer agenda for a number of years, and the Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the trend and rebalanced the focus on how managers can support their teams. There are many ways that employers can introduce impactful benefits which aren’t going to make a huge dent in the company’s budget, but are going to make a huge difference to the lives of their staff – in a way which will not only improve their physical health and wellbeing, but will also make them feel appreciated, and encourage them to stay longer with the company.”


The session will also include sharing the latest research on the topic; a focus on motivation, engagement and productivity; and information about tangible wellbeing resources and rewards.


For more information and to book your free place, visit 💻


In addition to monthly e-clinics, Paycare Wellbeing offers a range of training opportunities including a two-day virtual accredited Mental Health First Aid course. Visit to find out more 📚


We’d love to see you joining the e-clinic, whether you’re a manager or HR specialist looking to find out more about employee appreciation, or perhaps you’re a team member who wants to make some suggestions to your organisation about boosting morale!