When Paycare was first founded in 1874, under the name the Patient’s Aid Association, the primary focus was the people of Wolverhampton, workers who were struggling to afford everyday healthcare. And it’s a source of great pride to the team that people have remained the focus in the intervening 15 decades, during which we have remained as a not-for-profit organisation and donated more than £2.2 million to charitable and community causes.

But while we don’t have shareholders, we do have stakeholders – (our customers, our people, and our community) and their shared belief in our ethos is essential for us to remain successful.


Engaging our customers

Our purpose is all about making people happier and healthier – so when a new customer (whether it’s the entire staff of a large corporation or one individual) comes on board, we want to show them that we’re genuinely invested in their wellbeing.

We’ve evolved our product to ensure that as well as offering cashback on a range of healthcare costs, we’re also looking after their physical, mental and financial wellbeing with counselling support, GP access and discounts on mental health courses. And we also go above and beyond what’s offered as part of our products – with newsletters, exclusive content within their log-in area on the website, posters and other materials which can be used in and around a workplace, and much more.

We also call on them to get involved in our community giving – after all, many of them cite being a not-for-profit is one of the reasons they chose to become a Policyholder with us. Last year, our team nominated a variety of charities and then our customers were asked to vote to determine how the money was shared out between the chosen causes.


Engaging our people

Especially as new generations join the workforce, increasing amounts of research is showing us that people are motivated to work for organisations which have a strong moral code, support good causes, or give back to the community.

And it’s not just about recruitment, a wealth of policies and practices which encourage staff to become actively involved in the good works undertaken by a not-for-profit has a positive impact on retention, productivity, and loyalty.

Whether it’s giving our team £250 each annually to kickstart a fundraiser for a charity of their choice, offering two paid days which they can use for volunteering each year and an additional two wellbeing days to be used for whatever they choose, or asking them to submit ideas for charity votes, our aim is to encourage everyone to be involved in the community spirit rather than dictating who Paycare supports and how.


Engaging our community

While we naturally ensure our customers get added value from signing up to be part of the Paycare family, we also want to give back to the entire community. As a not-for-profit, partnering with charities and organisations to give away not only millions of pounds, but also countless hours of our time and expertise, certainly goes a long way to cementing us as part of the Black Country (and the wider UK) community.

But we don’t just want to engage with you if you’re a customer or part of one of the countless charities we support, we regularly share our expertise when it comes to health and wellbeing with absolutely anybody through this blog where we highlight tips, awareness days, particular health concerns, and share input from partners who are experts in their own fields. And there’s also our monthly e-clinics, which are free and open to everyone – whether they’re a Policyholder or not.


In summary…

At Paycare, we want to give back because it’s the right thing to do, because we genuinely want people to happier and healthier, and because we are committed to distributing as much money (and support) as we can to good causes.

It’s not a tick box exercise, it’s not something we do because we want to make more money or impress people. It’s something we do because every single one of team members believes it’s the right thing to do.

And that’s why it engages people – because they can see it’s authentic. When we say community is at the heart of all we do, that’s not a phrase we’ve come up with to impress people, it’s what we truly feel – and people respect that and want to be a part of it.

So even if you’re not in the market for a Paycare product today, you’re always welcome to share our stories, tell your friends about us, and do your bit to help us make everyone healthier and happier! 🧡