Supporting those going through the menopause is something finally being discussed more openly in the workplace.

But for many employers, it can be difficult to know which policies and practices may work well – especially given the topic has only recently begun attracting the type of attention it so desperately warrants.

As many as 80% of women experience the menopause while also holding down a job – and up to 90% say their work has been impacted by the effects of changing hormone levels in their bodies.

The Paycare team was thrilled to facilitate a webinar led by the experts at the Kaleidoscope Plus Group – talking attendees through exactly what happens during the menopause, the extensive impacts this can have on a person’s physical and emotional health, and the support mechanisms which could be offered in the workplace.

If you didn’t manage to catch it live, you can watch a recording of the free hour-long webinar here.

The KPG team have kindly shared their top five tips for employers when it comes to accommodating those experiencing the menopause,

Tip One: Create an inclusive, open and supportive culture within the workplace. There have been great strides to make menopause a topic that can be discussed – but this needs to continue so that we’re all able to have these important conversations, including with our managers and colleagues.

Tip Two: Think about introducing a Menopause Policy – specifically designed with those experiencing the menopause in mind – and other practical adjustments such as flexible working opportunities and an environment which will be more comfortable for those experiencing symptoms to work in.

Alongside emotional effects, the physical symptoms can be wide-ranging: as well as hot flushes they can include fatigue, sleep problems, a weak bladder and joint pain – all of which can be considered when it comes to workplace schedules and environment.

Tip Three: Appoint a designated Menopause Champion who is able to share with colleagues what support is in place, signpost them to outside organisations who may be able to offer further assistance, and provide their peers with a ‘safe space’ to discuss the impact, any worries they have, or ask questions.

Tip Four: It’s important to talk. The menopause is a natural process which happens to half of the global population. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about and – as with any conversation – the more you talk about it, the less awkward you’re likely to feel.

Tip Five: Share the knowledge. It’s crucial that we all understand what happens to the body during menopause, what the likely symptoms may be, and how it can impact not only the woman going through menopause but also those closest to them. Sharing KPG’s webinar, this blog, and other helpful resources is an easy way to ensure those within your workplace stay informed.

A huge thank you to KPG for the webinar and these handy tips, which team leaders and managers can use to ensure they’re supporting anyone experiencing the menopause among their employees.