When the founder of organisation supporting people who have a learning disability or autism was looking to develop their health and wellbeing plan, he turned to Paycare for support.


Space Inclusive – a health and social care organisation based in the East Midlands – helps individuals with their skills relating to employment, supported or independent living, and social interaction.

Director David Bingham said they first began implementing a ‘robust and fit for purpose’ Workplace Wellbeing plan five years ago.


“This plan needed to take into consideration the direction of the organisation, as well as recognising the type of support needed for our staff who have a huge daily responsibility for looking after other people’s health and wellbeing.”


This has included introducing wellbeing services, and paid mental health and wellbeing leave for staff.


David added:


“Space Inclusive approached Paycare because of the ethics of their organisation. As a social enterprise ourselves, we wanted to build a relationship with a company who were investing their profits in doing good for other people. In addition to this, Paycare’s offer is outstanding and far exceeds that of other providers we have used or looked at using in the past. 


“Our health and wellbeing plan has enabled us to support our workforce better. This is now fully supported by the Paycare offer and more recently using some incentive funds we’ve had available, we’ve been able to upgrade our plans for the staff to have more cover at a time when they need it the most. 


“The Paycare experience for us has been special, we value Stephen [Burton-Pye, Corporate Account Manager] and the relationship he invests in with us at Space Inclusive, we look forward to this relationship continuing to develop in the future and feel so glad we chose Paycare as our health and wellbeing partner.”


For more information about Space Inclusive, visit www.spaceinclusive.co.uk.


And to find out more about Workplace Wellbeing, simply download Paycare’s free guide at www.paycare.org/workplace-wellbeing 💚