One of our fantastic managers is marking Mental Health Awareness Week by sharing wellbeing resources every day.

Stephen Burton-Pye, one of our Corporate Account Managers, decided to post daily on LinkedIn throughout the week in a bid to support his connections.


He has also been sending copies of the resources and helpline links to those engaging with the initiative.


Stephen, who looks after more than 300 companies signed up to our Health Cash Plans as part of his role, said:


“Like everyone at Paycare, I am incredibly passionate about supporting organisations and employees – as well as individuals – with mental health.


“Paycare provides an exclusive login area called MyPeople which is full of posters, guides and infographics which managers can download to support them with promoting their Health Cash Plan to their employees. We take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing so the topics are wide-ranging from optical and dental care to mental health support.


“MyPeople is updated regularly in liaison with our companies with information they can share with their team to improve wellbeing, as well as reflecting what’s topical in health and wellbeing news at that time.  Our marketing team love creating the resources, and I love sharing them!


“Our companies sharing these resources in prominent locations around their workplace is really beneficial because it normalises conversations around mental health in the workplace, and can prompt someone who is perhaps struggling with their wellbeing to access support.


“Some people don’t know where to turn if they need that support, and that’s why at Paycare we make sure to create and share blogs, infographics, posters and other types of resources alongside the mental health training we offer and our Employee Assistance Programme.


“We are here solely to make other healthier and happier, so what better way to demonstrate this than by sharing these resources online too, to give even more people the chance to benefit from the tips and support they provide. There are so many people talking about Mental Health Awareness Week on LinkedIn, and it’s been great to be able to share the resources with some of them.”


If you want to find out more, why not connect with Stephen and Paycare on LinkedIn? You can also keep up to date with the latest health, wellbeing and community stories on our Paycare Blog 😊