This might be delivery or interest-free credit for a sofa purchase, a year’s insurance for a new car, travel insurance with a holiday booking. Each attracts attention, and makes sure that viewers understand the extra value being offered.

Almost everybody would like to be paid more for the job they do. If this is not going to happen, or an increase might not be as substantial as would be hoped for, especially in a still-recovering economy, then small business owners in particular would be well advised to find ways of “enhancing the package”. Here are three ways to consider achieving this…

• Extra savings benefits – if your company sells products or offers a service that your staff members and their families, or even their friends, might use, then look to offer “staff” discounts. This can bring in new customers, gaining you that extra benefit as well, but also make sure team members actually see how they gain whenever a purchase is made.

• Added value benefits – look at your workplace environment and see if there are any “freebies” you offer that others will have to pay for. Examples: a staff car park in a town where many people at work have to pay for such facilities, or free beverages where feeding money into a cash-guzzling vending machine is often an option elsewhere. These may seem insignificant, until attention is drawn to them, yet the saving could be hundreds of pounds a year!

Compile your list, but you don’t then have to shout about them. A casual comment such as: “We paid £4 to park in that city centre place on Saturday – imagine if we had to do that every day to work here!” helps infer that message of value.

• Caring benefits – in this case, employee assistance programmes (EAPs) and corporate health plans make a statement about your organisation’s attitude to its people. In this way, value is added, and visibly so when such facilities suddenly help deal with a serious situation.

Company investment can also be less than many would believe, when you investigate both employer or employee paid corporate health plans from market leaders such as Paycare.

Returning for a moment to our starting point – and savings being made. When people buy that new car or book a holiday, they are often sure to mention the free insurance to others when talking about it. The ads encourage this, but so does the desire to show that a good deal was achieved. Simply look to tailor that concept to the working environment.