One of our policyholders has been in touch with us recently to share his successes in kicking the habit he’d enjoyed for years, and we wanted to share it with you too. As part of being a Paycare policyholder, he receives cash back on any approved professional therapies up to his annual allowance, and subsequently started seeing a hypnotherapist in order to stop smoking. Two weeks have passed and not one single cigarette has passed his lips – how fantastic is that!

Hypnotherapy can be used to get rid of bad habits or additions such as smoking and drinking, and can also help remove phobias and irrational fears, and improve wellbeing by reducing stress, anxiety and guilt, and it’s a treatment which has grown in popularity over recent years.

Many people prioritise more conventional medical treatments over complementary therapies, due to the perceived effectiveness and the perceived costs.  As a Paycare policyholder, we’re proud to remind you that you can get cash back on your Professional Therapy treatments (as long as the cost doesn’t exceed your annual limit). And because we know just how effective these services and treatments can be, they are – and always will be – inclusive of your policy, no matter what level of cover you currently have with us.

It’s not just hypnotherapy that’s covered in your Professional Therapy benefit though, as there are many others you can call on if and when you need them, including:

Osteopathy | used to identify, treat and prevent common health ailments including upper and lower back pains through the movement, stretching and massaging of muscles and joints
Physiotherapy | used to help restore movement, function and flexibility when someone is affected by an injury, illness or disability
Homeopathy | an alternative treatment believed by some practitioners to help treat a wide range of conditions, from asthma and hay fever, to depression and anxiety
Reflexology | a massage to areas in the feet and the hands which is designed to encourage the body to heal itself by improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and restoring natural balance

Professional Therapies can offer a diverse range of benefits, and can bring about extremely valuable results for you, so please don’t forget to take full advantage! If you have any questions or queries about Professional Therapies, please just get in touch with our dedicated customer service team who would be happy to help.