So, what is the secret behind this apparent enhanced happiness and success?  We’ve outlined below just a few of the most common habits of those who enjoy getting up with the larks, and what us late risers (we certainly have a few here!) could learn from them…

They Never Skip Breakfast
We all know that breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day – providing us with vital nutrients and energy needed for the day ahead.   A study by leading trade publication, The Grocer, however found that breakfast is the most skipped meal of the day, with 45% of those in the UK going without at least once a week

They Set Daily Goals
Early birds plan their days to a ‘T’ so that they know what exactly what they have to do, and when.  In addition, the most happy, and successful, people schedule to undertake the most difficult tasks first so that they get these out of the way quickly

They Exercise Before the Day Starts
Whether it’s walking the dog before work or heading to the gym before meeting up with friends, early morning exercise is said to do wonders for your health (and happiness).  Not only does it jumpstart your metabolism and regulates your appetite, but it energises you for the day ahead – so you’re ready to tackle whatever it throws at you!

They Are Kind To Themselves (and leave the past where it is)
Instead of waking up ruminating about what happened yesterday or what tasks didn’t get done, happy individuals wake up thinking positively about all the fantastic things they’re going to achieve throughout the day ahead.   Not only that, but with the act of helping others well-documented as a source of happiness, early morning people plan their good deeds in advance!