We love to share helpful suggestions, so we’ve asked the Paycare team for their top 7 tips on how to boost your mental wellbeing. Maybe right now you’re struggling with workplace-related stress, perhaps you’re feeling the emotional effects of things happening at home, or maybe you’re feeling okay but are thinking about ways you can make yourself feel even better?!

Take a read of how you can improve your mental wellbeing below:


  1. Getting outdoors is one of the most powerful things we can each do to boost our wellbeing. Whether you use your lunchbreak for a stroll, use an outside space to work in when it’s dry and warm, or even simply step into the garden for five minutes of deep breathing when you’re feeling stressed – reconnecting with the great outdoors is a powerful mood booster! 🍃


  1. If you need to stay indoors (or the weather isn’t being kind) then why not bring nature indoors? Plants in offices don’t just look good, they also boost our memory, attention span and concentration according to scientific research! And who doesn’t love some flowers brightening up the place too 🌸


  1. We all know taking a break is good for us, yet we often neglect that element of our day. Add ‘lunch time’ to your schedule and treat it like you would any other important work task (and bonus points if you manage to get outdoors for the break!) 📅


  1. Eating well and staying hydrated will impact your wellbeing. To incorporate nature, you could try growing your own fruits and vegetables in your garden – some find this very therapeutic and allows you to focus on something different. If you don’t fancy that, simply eat lots of natural produce and cutting down on any processed food to take care of your wellbeing 🍏


  1. Use all of your senses when you’re out and about to maximise on relaxation. Thinking about what we can smell, touch and hear as well as what we can see helps us connect with the great outdoors and reduce feelings of worry ☺


  1. Finding breathing techniques which work for you is a really powerful way to boost your wellbeing, whether you want to try meditation or whether simply taking a few moments to breathe deeply can assist as a quick fix in moments of overwhelm. Try closing your eyes and imagining your perfect scene – perhaps a tropical beach, a snowy mountain-top or a peaceful meadow! 🧘


  1. If your wellbeing is worsening, don’t hesitate to reach out for support – Paycare Policyholders have access to our MyHelpline Employee Assistance Programme for confidential telephone support or can book in with a practising NHS doctor for an appointment through our MyPocketGP App*. 🧡


And there we have it! Do let us know on social media (Twitter or Facebook) if you have any other mood-boosting tips – especially if they link to the brilliant theme of nature, we’d love to share them 😊

Remember – take the time out to look after of your mental health and wellbeing 🧡

*Please check your Benefit Table for details and cover.