Paycare Testimonial
Briggs Equipment Group


More than 1,600 people work for Briggs Equipment Group – specialists in forklift, pallet and reach trucks alongside other manual handling equipment – and supporting their health and wellbeing is a key priority for the company.


They are long-standing corporate Policyholders who originally joined with a focus on physical health and have developed their awareness around mental health and wellbeing at work over the years.


With team members working non-traditional office hours, access to round-the-clock appointments through the MyPocket GP App is a huge plus, and being able to claim back the costs of various treatments encourages staff to take care of themselves proactively.


As well as the everyday services like optical and dental care, the team also makes use of professional services such as acupuncture and hypnotherapy.


HR Business Partner Rosie Leach says:


“Making sure we have a solid health and wellbeing strategy for all our employees is vital; they really are our greatest asset and we’re passionate about making sure they are fit and well both in and out of work.


“Briggs has a large workforce and as a HR team we have a strong sense of duty when it comes to their health and wellbeing – Paycare helps us to provide them with access to preventative services, professional therapies, mental health and financial support.


“We’ve been with Paycare for many years and it forms a key part of our employee wellbeing strategy, ultimately aimed at reducing sickness absence and boosting motivation.


In recent years we’ve welcomed the increased awareness around mental health and wellbeing at work so our focus has evolved alongside Paycare’s service offering.”


As part of this, a number of team members have also undertaken training with Wellbeing Manager Kerry B Mitchell, with one commenting:

“I have gained more awareness of how to recognise signs of emerging mental health, and how I would respond”, and another saying: “I am more aware of non-judgemental listening, seeing people’s thoughts as their truth, and listening to support.”


The one-day Mental Health Champion courses helped support them to understand mental health illnesses, spot the signs of mental ill health, and learn how to actively promote mental health awareness within the workplace.


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