Wolverhampton has plenty to offer and is ideally placed for businesses to locate their head offices, and to eat, rest and play… But now it’s not just us saying it – an official survey ranking the 69 cities in the UK, based on where’s best to start up a new company, has named Wolverhampton as the fourth overall.

The city beat the likes of Lincoln, Liverpool, Durham and the nearby Coventry to come in fourth, only bettered by Derby, Stoke and Belfast.

The survey conducted by Quality Formation, company formation experts from London, looked at eight criteria: commercial propertyenergyvirtual office servicespublic transportbroadband serviceworkforce demographicsaccess to finance and quality of life.

With some businesses having to pay nearly £30 per square foot for commercial rent, you get more for your money in Wolverhampton where the equivalent space is just £19 – and Quality Formation declared the selection of property available as excellent.

Wolverhampton’s average download speed is 21Mbps which means internet users fare far better here than in other places across the UK, where some businesses are battling with speeds down as low as 4Mbps.

And of course, it’s no use spending all your profit on a place to live so it’s good news that the average rent for a two bed property per month is £500 – much less than some other cities – and childcare is only going to set you back on average £197.14 for 50 hours a week for a child under two.

Its proximity to Birmingham (which is around average at 36th on the list) means it can be overlooked, but we’re hoping the results make more people consider setting up shop in our fantastic city. We’re proud to have been based here since 1874.

Wolves Ay We!


Photo credit: West Midlands Police