At Paycare, our staff are hugely important to us and – like many organisations – we’re always eager to make sure we get the right people in the right roles, to help us continue the important work we do.

Part of that is inspiring the next generation of workers to look at whether a career with a Health Cash Plan provider is something they’d like to do. And we’ve found a great way of ensuring we’re visible to lots of young people: a 24/7 online jobs fair.

We’ve just signed up to be a part of PLANit Global – an exciting website which connects businesses, schools and students with the aim of getting young people into the right jobs and giving companies a new way of showcasing themselves.

They’ve done lots of research with schools who reported many young people want to work for local businesses but they’re not always sure who those businesses are, what they do and what qualifications are needed to work there. But of course, youngsters from across the UK, as well as those local to us, will be able to find out more about Paycare on their desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Not only do we have a profile on the website, we’re also able to share insight from our employees – from what qualifications they have and what their ‘average day’ entails, to their favourite thing about working here and the Health Cash Plan sector as a whole. That way, those browsing PLANit Global can get a real idea of what it’s like in the world of Paycare.

It’s primarily aimed at youngsters aged 10 to 24 but can also be used by those looking to get back into the workplace after a gap or anyone wanting a career change.

We can also use it to promote any volunteering, work experience, apprenticeship or job opportunities we have and to connect with other businesses too. You can take a look at our section of the site by clicking here

PLANit Global