And we’re thrilled to have seen them on ITV as part of a two-part programme called ‘Puppy Secrets’ (aired on 19th and 26th October).

Puppy Secrets follows the early development and socialisation of a Dogs for Goodpuppy, and shows how they begin to learn the essential skills needed to become assistance dogs.

As a not-for-profit, we’re able to donate every other penny not spent on improving our services to our policyholders, with brilliant charities like Dogs for Good. And through our sponsorship, we’re pleased to have supported the vital socialisation of Ushi and Tess as they embarked on their exciting journeys.

Anna Lawrence, Trusts Officer at Dogs for Good, explained: “Thanks to Paycare’s generosity and support, we can continue to put our puppies through our socialisation scheme to develop them into well-rounded assistance dogs, which improve the lives of people affected by disability.”