Kevin’s picks will be aired on Wolverhampton Community Radio (101.8) from 5pm on Sunday 14th August during the Inside Tracks show – and we’ll be posting the results right here once revealed for those of you who weren’t able to listen live.

Previous guests on the Inside Tracks show have included City of Wolverhampton’s Cllr. John Reynolds, Dave Wagstaff (aka Waggy, for you Wolves fans), various regional newspaper editors, representatives for Wolverhampton including local colleges, schools and universities, and many more.

And Kevin will be joining this elite list by sharing his own – and wow, what an eclectic taste he has!

If you’re tuning in, do tweet us @PersonalPaycare and @Paycare to share your thoughts on his choices – what do you think, love or leave?

What would your top 10 be? We’d love to hear from you!

UPDATE: Tracks Revealed

1. Donna – 10cc
2. Ride a white swan – T Rex
3. Summer Breeze – Isley Brothers
4. Lucky Stars – Dean Friedman
5. Exodus – Bob Marley
6. Help – The Beatles
7. The Boxer – Simon & Garfunkel
8. Skiing in the snow – The Invitations
9. How does it feel – Slade
10. It was a very good year – Frank Sinatra