The Menopause has traditionally been a topic avoided in the workplace.


Here at Paycare, we are calling on more employers to focus on what they can do to accommodate those feeling the impact:


“Approximately 13 million women, which accounts for almost a third of all females in the UK, are either menopausal or peri-menopausal. This will without doubt have a massive impact on the workforce and it is imperative that organisations are aware of not only the potential symptoms but also how best to support their employees through this stage of their life.


“There are some large organisations who have been leading the way with their wellbeing for women support such as Sainsbury’s, Next, HSBC and Marks and Spencer – who have introduced ‘Manage your Menopause’ resources as part of their employee’s wellbeing resources.


“When managers and team leaders think about how they can support all of the individuals in the workplace, they should take account of women experiencing the menopause. It’s essential for employers to lead the way in removing any out-dated stigmas about the menopause.


“While menopause isn’t an illness, the symptoms can – and do – impact women in the workplace, and this needs to be reflected in the health and wellbeing policies and practices in place within organisations.”


We were joined by expert speakers Medical Herbalist Hannah Charman, Menopause Nurse Practitioner Diane Porterfield-Bourne, and MP Caroline Nokes – who chairs the Women and Equalities Committee, which is conducting an inquiry into whether menopausal women are being discriminated against in the workplace.


An impactful quote from the MP was ‘menopausal is not an insult, it is a condition’ – and yet up to six in ten women have witnessed seeing the issue made fun of within the workplace.


But thankfully more and more employers are getting on board when it comes to getting the conversation started.


One manager who attended the e-clinic said afterwards:


“As an employer, it’s our absolute duty to make sure that we look after the health and wellbeing of every single member of our team – and that includes providing holistic support when individuals are experiencing either peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms.


“There is currently no legal requirement for organisations to have a specific menopause policy, despite the fact that this is a truly life-changing transition which can greatly impact individuals physically and mentally. Shockingly, the lack of formal support for employees means that many individuals are having to take long periods of time off work or ultimately leave their jobs because they simply can’t cope.


“Which is why we’re committed to developing our own dedicated policy to ensure that we provide our team with the flexibility, support, and guidance when they need it at this important time in their lives. Thank you to Paycare for sharing such valuable information which will definitely help us with this process.”


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