Held on behalf of businesses across the local area, this latest event focused on the theme of ‘love’, and discussed and showcased ways that employers can engage their teams in wellbeing activities, encourage ‘happy vibes’, increase motivation and productivity, and learn the secrets (and benefits) of taking time out!

Sharing their own tips and advice on the importance of taking a breather and enjoying a ‘Happy Distraction’ were the fabulous Rachael Field and Sam Birch, founders of Distraction Box – an organisation which offers individuals the opportunity to receive regular hand-selected items to distract the mind and provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

As part of the event, participants were guided through a number of wellbeing-focused activities including mindfulness colouring and meditation, and were encouraged to discuss their thoughts on the best ways to recharge during the working day and create a fun and happy workplace environment.  The ‘Happy Distraction’ ideas shared were fantastic, and we wanted to highlight just a few of our favourites with you:

“Create a workplace choir and hold weekly 30 minute singing sessions.  Get members to choose their favourite song to sing”

“Use walks for meetings rather than a formal environment…”

“Introduce a wall mural (full size) for staff to spend time colouring in”

“Share with our team mates something good they have done to support the team and themselves”

Kevin Rogers, CEO of Paycare, said: “This was a wonderful event that really helped to highlight the importance of self-care and the positive impact that looking after yourself – both physically and mentally – can have on your mind, body and soul.

“The value of a session like this is incredible and has a very real impact on the individuals that take part.  It also highlights that there are so many small things that both business owners and employees can introduce into their working day to improve health and wellbeing, and subsequently enhance enthusiasm, efficiency, and subsequently profitabilityJ”

We’d love to know how you and your teams motivate yourselves and each other, and what your own personal affirmations are, so do get in touch…