And because helping people is at the very heart of what we do, we also ensure that every other spare penny not used improving our services for you, is donated to charities, initiatives and worthwhile community projects.

So how do health cash plans work, and just what does Paycare do to help people?

Well, Paycare policyholders can choose a level of cover which best suits them and their individual needs. There’s a range of corporate policies – whether it’s paid by the employer, or by the employee – as well as individual policies, all of which include dependent children under the age of 18 at no extra cost*.

Unlike medical insurance companies, Paycare doesn’t refuse anyone due to pre-existing health conditions – individuals simply pay a premium (which start from just over £1 a month) and they can then claim money back on what they’ve spent on appointments and treatments – from chiropractic, chiropody, physiotherapy, specialist consultation services, as well as optical and dental (which include frames and dental work). Policyholders fill out a simple claims form, send it back to us, and the money is refunded by Paycare back into their bank account within just a few days.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we reinvest the money received through premiums into improving our services to our policyholders, whether that’s making the claims process easier (such as investing in a dedicated online system) or enhancing the benefits included within our plans. After this, every other spare penny is donated to charities, good causes, and local organisations who serve our members and our community. For example, Paycare is the longest-running current Club Sponsor of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and sponsor of the Paycare Accessible Lounge for over 20 years. Paycare has donated over £2million to-date, and that is all thanks to our policyholders.

We believe that people shouldn’t be out of pocket for taking care of their own, their employees, or their family’s health, and cash plans provided by reliable, trusted and recognised providers can ensure this in the short, mid and long-term.

Did you know? An individual policyholder stays with Paycare for an average of 22 years, and a corporate (employer or employee-paid) policyholder for an average of 12 years!

So if you’re interested in finding out more about taking out a Paycare policy, want to look into introducing such a service in the workplace to ensure the health, wellbeing and happiness of your staff, or just want to chat to a member of our team, please do contact us on 01902 371000.


*Dependent children living at the same address as the policyholder