Do you know what makes your team happy at work?


It may seem obvious, but when your team are happy, they’re healthier, productive, motivated, focused, cooperative, and ultimately more successful – the list is endless…


With the risk of burnout and likelihood of employees calling in sick drastically decreasing when they enjoy what they do (something we explore further in our Workplace Wellbeing guide), it’s essential that employers are supporting their team in every way possible.


In order to attract and retain a loyal and valuable workforce you need to ensure employees feel happy, content and want to come to work. And, thankfully this doesn’t have to mean radical changes or purchases, and instead can be implemented in simple (yet effective) ways.



Here are our top tips to promoting happiness at work:


  • Ask For Feedback

Ask the people that really matter – your team.


What truly makes them happy at work? And what changes would they like to see which would make them feel happier or improve their experience?


  • Employee Appreciation

Boosting overall morale and positivity in the workplace is an essential part of promoting happiness, and making your team feel valued. You could do this through employee of the month awards, rewarding years of service milestones, or simply celebrating staff birthdays.


  • Promote Your Paycare Plan

Remind your team about the benefits of their Health Cash Plan and share our Health Tips Blogs to offer further insight on how they can care for their health and wellbeing.


  • Team Days and Activities

Trust and collaboration can be increased by organising games, team-building activities, or even just a lunch away from the desk. Not only that, but they will feel valued and rewarded, too!


  • Flexibility

Offering flexible working allows your team to feel empowered to make appropriate choices that benefit the business, but also coincide with their life and personal responsibilities. Even offering an additional day’s holiday on their birthday is a great addition to promoting happiness.


  • Volunteering Roles

Access to paid time off for volunteering not only allows your team members to feel good and purposeful, but it benefits your local community, and boosts your company’s reputation.


  • Trust and Communication

A crucial element to allowing your employees to feel content at work is trust and communication. Unnecessary rules, and complicated processes and procedures can lead to unmotivated colleagues, toxic environments, conflicts and a lack of business development.



Together we can make happiness at work the norm and not the exception (a key principle of the Happiness at Work manifesto).


For more inspiration around promoting happiness at work, check out our Workplace Wellbeing brochure 😃📖💚