With reliance on technology soaring during the pandemic, we are joining forces with Techtimeout to help people understand more about the potential wellbeing impacts of too much screen time.

Our Wellbeing Manager Kerry B Mitchell is set to host the latest in a series of monthly e-clinics on Wednesday 17th February at 10am. This session is focused around ‘Tech-Life Balance’ and will feature guest speaker Stephanie Henson, founder of Techtimeout – a movement which encourages people to put down their phones and laptops regularly and enjoy some digital-free time.


She explains:

“Technology is a huge part of our lives. Most of us have no choice but to spend hours online – especially now work, home schooling and socialising is mainly being done through screens. What’s worrying is that research indicates that the overuse of technology can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression.

“Technology is essential but it’s so easy to become addicted – ever lose track of time scrolling, or experience an overwhelming desire to check your phone multiple times a day, even when you don’t need to?

“In a world where it’s near enough impossible to quit technology if it’s not supporting your mental health, it’s time to learn healthy habits and set boundaries. I’m looking forward to sharing an insight into the impact of technology in the workplace and I’ll be providing actionable tips employers and employees can take to support mental wellbeing and productivity.”


Kerry adds that all technology has a purpose and, now more than ever, it is extremely beneficial in keeping connected to enable those experiencing mental and physical health conditions to reach out to loved ones and to charities or professional support. However, everyone has to find a balance between technology usage and living a wholesome life.

“We’ll be sharing information about the most up-to-date research on the topic, top tips for employers on how to support their teams to work productively from home, and suggestions about how to manage the pressure to be always online.

“Getting the right balance between being on and offline is tricky, but it can be done – as Steph and the Techtimeout team are proving! – so I’d love for people to join the session to find out more.”


To book on to the free webinar, simply email wellbeing@paycare.org. 📧

In addition to monthly e-clinics, Paycare Wellbeing offers a range of training opportunities including a two-day virtual accredited MHFA course. Visit https://www.paycare.org/wellbeing/ to find out more 💻🧠🙌