While we all know that recognition is a key motivational factor, just how exactly can we demonstrate to our teams and colleagues that they’re loved and appreciated (not just today, but every day)…

1. Team Bonding | group activities can be a great way to not only give everyone some time out of the office, but in facilitating and encouraging some real team spirit.  Whether it’s a trip to the theatre, a lunch out, or a slightly more physical activity such as orienteering – joining together to celebrate team successes can be hugely valuable

2. Meditation | meditation is a fantastic way to lower stress levels, so why not invite an expert to come in and take a session, or download one of the great meditation apps that are around and host your own (at Paycare we love Headspace 🙂 )

3. Community Work | giving your team the opportunity (and time) to undertake some volunteering can be extremely worthwhile, and can not only help to give individuals a real sense of purpose outside of work but also reinforces your organisation’s commitment to your local community

4. Employee of the Month | everyone values recognition from their peers as well as their employer, so why not ask your teams for their own nominations and reward the winning employee with a voucher for their favourite shop

5. Suggestion Box | if in doubt, why not give your team members the opportunity to share their own ideas for ways to recognise hard work and commitment?

And, to find out just how you show your team mates you love them, we launched a special #LoveFromPaycare campaign on Twitter earlier this month – and here are just a couple of the fabulous contributions we received…

“We show our team #love everyday via flexible hours and working locations & loads of chocs every so often! YUM!” @SixTicks

“Showing our #love by making a good old cup of tea to warm those cockles J” @ZenCommsPR