With a recent study highlighting that a third of employees in the UK are miserable at work, it’s important to remember the huge role employee wellbeing plays within a business, and how a happy and motivated workforce is not only more productive, but can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Over half of those questioned in the study said that support from management is important to them, and the great news is – there’s a lot managers can be doing to contribute towards team morale and staff retention. (There are some great tips on the Institute of Leadership and Management’s blog here).

From a health and wellbeing perspective, the start of 2016 is the perfect opportunity for bosses to reflect on their business, and to consider the strategies you can introduce to ensure workers feel satisfied and valued in their role. From installing bike racks to encourage cycling to work, to introducing wellness incentives like discounted gym memberships and healthcare plans, staff benefits can encourage employees to take better care of their health, which in turn helps increase motivation, productivity, and morale. (Why not take a look at the Paycare blog for more ideas?)

Ultimately, a happy team is a more productive team, and employers hold a unique position in which they can positively influence their staff.

What strategies does your business employ to keep your  workforce happy, motivated and productive? Use the form below to share your best practice top tips.
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