Declaring the goal of the campaign to be ‘to change the face of men’s health’, the Movember Foundation aims to increase awareness, early detection rates and the effectiveness of treatment.

Men’s health: the need to be self-aware

Despite the increasing awareness of men’s health through campaigns such as Movember, the impact of cancer in particular continues to be high. Prostate cancer, for example, remains the second most common cancer among men globally, with a doubling in the number of cases expected to occur before the end of the next decade. Yet with early diagnosis, the survival rate for men with testicular or prostate cancer is encouragingly high, with 99% of patients expected to survive for more than five years – emphasising the importance of men seeking medical advice if they suspect that they have symptoms of a potentially life-limiting illness. Self-awareness is therefore of the utmost importance.

Accessing check-ups through a health insurance plan

Alongside self-awareness, regular check-ups are the most effective way for men to be alerted to the earliest warning signs of serious illness, especially as research suggests that men may be more than twice as likely to ignore their symptoms compared to women. Regular check-ups offer men the opportunity to discuss their concerns in a supportive environment, while also affording the trained practitioner the opportunity to identify problems, such as high blood pressure, that may not yet be apparent.

With a health insurance plan, there’s no worry about the cost of regular check-ups and you can be reassured of receiving assessments on time, meaning the chances of identifying and treating serious illness in the early stages is dramatically increased. With early intervention, the chances of a positive outcome are likely to be higher.

The free NHS Health Check

For those unable to afford a health insurance plan, a good alternative is the free NHS Health Check which is offered to all adults between the ages of 40 and 74; for men who are often known for their reluctance to acknowledge the presence of worrying symptoms or to seek timely medical help, this service could be invaluable in helping to prevent serious health conditions from developing.

By checking the most important functions of the body, including the circulatory system and heart, and assessing the likelihood of developing a number of serious illnesses, your partner can receive an essential midlife ‘MOT’ – all you need to do is convince him that, just because he’s at the younger end of the age group who are entitled to the NHS Health Check, it doesn’t mean he’s immune from developing life-limiting illness.

Promoting Movember your way

In 2014 Conchita Wurst made headlines after winning the Eurovision Song Contest while performing as a bearded lady; now you could help to promote your partner’s health by supporting Movember in your own distinctive way, by downing your shaving tools for the month – or at least until he agrees to attend a health check-up! By openly showing your support and helping to raise awareness of the importance of men giving their health the attention it deserves, you’ll be encouraging your partner to take the necessary steps to giving his wellbeing a once over. Having broken the cycle of denial, you may also have ensured that health checks become a routine part of your partner’s life.