So, how do you make sure that you achieve our own precious goals?  We are ultimately responsible for our own behaviour and we are also too often the biggest barrier to us achieving our own goals.  The key is to grab firm hold of the reins and take full responsibility for getting to where you want to be.  Here are just a few of our tips on how you can do it…

Make Time | in the frenzy that is everyday life, we often lose focus and by the time we’ve done all the jobs we need to throughout the day, before we know it it’s time to prepare for tomorrow.  If your goal is really important to you, make sure that you allocate a little bit of time – even if it’s just ten minutes – to focus on you

Go For It | many of us think a lot about what it is we want to achieve, but the majority of us fall at the first hurdle by doing just that – ‘thinking’.   To really have a chance at fulfilling your goal, no matter what it might be, the first step is to make a decision and take action!

Be Focused | during the time you’ve specifically set aside to work on your own goal, make sure that you spend this time carefully and don’t get distracted by activities that won’t get you to where you want to be

Ask For Help | if you’re struggling with committing to your goals, or need someone to be accountable to, don’t be afraid to ask.  Friends and family will jump at the chance at being your cheerleader and supporting you in your mission for happiness!