In support of National Eye Health Week which takes place between the 18th and 24th September we wanted to share our top recommended tips to keep your staff’s eyes healthy at work:

1: Take Frequent Breaks

Using a VDU means that our eyes are focused on the screen for long periods of time, so keep healthy and give your eyes a break every 20 minutes or so. This can be done very simply from your desk by looking beyond your screen and relaxing your eyes for a few moments, or getting up from your chair and stretching your legs for a few minutes – a good excuse for making a cuppa.

2: Lighting

Make sure office lighting is set so that you can read the screen clearly to eliminate as much glare as possible to protect your eyes. An additional desk-top lamp may be necessary and reflective windows behind or in front of you should be fitted with curtains or blinds, to block out any excess light. Desks and walls should be non-reflective and neutral in colour to avoid reflections.

3: Pause and Blink

While you’re working at your VDU make sure you pause periodically, blink your eyes frequently and change your activities from time-to-time to reduce fatigue.  It’s important to remember to stretch your head and neck too, to avoid added aches and pains.

4: Screen Settings

Adjust your VDU settings so that the levels of brightness and contrast are comfortable on the eye. The surface of the screen should ideally be between 33cms and 100cms away from your eyes, to avoid unnecessary straining. Keep your screen free from dust and as clean as possible, so you can view it clearly.

5: Eye Examinations

Since 1993, EC legislation has made employers responsible for all employee use of VDU screens. This includes providing a free of charge eye examination when a member of staff commences work at a VDU for the first time and further routine eye tests.

  • Did you know that as a Paycare Policyholder eye examinations are included in your plan allowing you to claim back up to 100% of the costs, depending on your level of cover.