Unfortunately, only 20% of people actually experience success, with resolutions quickly falling by the wayside, either because they’re simply too challenging, or because good intentions rapidly give way to bad habits.

This Christmas, not only is a healthy present a suitable antidote to the usual excesses of the festive season, but is also the perfect way to offer encouragement to a loved one who’s committed to improving their health and wellbeing as a New Year’s resolution, especially if you invest in any of these exciting gifts:

Something for the skin.

Preserving their youthful looks is a high priority for many people as they age, hence the enduring popularity of moisturisers, facial scrubs and toners, all of which are widely available as Christmas gift packs. A silk pillowcase could be a surprising alternative and an effective way to enable the skin to retain its natural moisture. Cotton pillowcases may absorb moisture from the skin, causing dryness and the unwanted lines that signal the onset of ageing, so a silk substitute that helps to retain moisture in the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) overnight could give your loved one a younger, healthier appearance that is sure to be appreciated.

An unmissable fitness accessory.

In an increasingly hectic and health-conscious world, finding time to keep fit, let alone keep track of achievements and personal goals, can be difficult. FitBit Flex is the perfect fitness companion for anyone keen to improve their health. This simple device, which is worn on the wrist, will monitor and track the wearer’s activity throughout the day, from a lunchtime run in the gym to a last-minute dash to catch the train at the end of the working day. FitBit Flex will also store a wealth of other information including sleeping patterns, calories burned and personal fitness goals, making it the unmissable day-round accessory that health fanatics can’t afford to be without.

A skipping rope that counts!

Most of us can probably recall the box of toys brought out in summer at our primary schools, invariably consisting of skipping ropes and hula hoops. However, these must-have accessories for nine-year-olds across the country are actually among the most useful pieces of equipment anyone wishing to improve their fitness can own. Adult skipping ropes, many of which feature built-in skip counters, are ideal for stimulating high-intensity cardiovascular activity that is sure to burn up calories as well as putting the heart through an intensive workout, while the simple hula hoop is perfect for shedding pounds on the waist and toning the tummy. Just don’t try wrapping a hula hoop; you’re bound to give in.

Something to lie down on.

Yoga is an increasingly popular fitness activity that needs surprisingly little equipment yet can effectively tone muscles, improve joint flexibility and calm the mind. For those who don’t enjoy high-intensity cardiovascular workouts, yoga is an ideal alternative, while the chance to relax and unwind is an antidote to the stresses of modern life. A yoga mat, available in a range of sizes, designs and thicknesses, is the only essential equipment needed and could make the perfect Christmas gift for someone thinking of taking up the activity in 2016.

Resistance bands for all-over toning.

Building and toning muscle is a key goal for many fitness enthusiasts, but owning sets of heavy weights is often impractical in the modern family home. Resistance bands are an affordable and easy-to-store alternative that is also safer to use. They can be adapted to target key core muscles or for overall toning, and can offer different levels of resistance to suit the novice or more experienced user alike.

So this Christmas why not surprise your loved one with a gift that is perfect for their desire for a healthier lifestyle? Not only will you encourage them in their pursuit of a fitter body, but you’ll also promote yourself as a proud supporter in their quest for better health in 2016.